Don Bradman Cricket and TableTop Cricket

I know we have had a few chats about this in the Bargains thread but I thought it was time for it’s own topic.

First Tabletop Cricket is by the same company as Don Bradman. It is available for $5 AUS from their website atm and is quite a bargain. It is based on the board game Supercricket

It is simple to play but plays very similar to Don Bradmans but not as technical. Great for people new to cricket.

My 2 sons played it 1v1, one bowls and the other bats, mechanics while similar to Don Bradmans means there are not quite as many choices, bowling is select a spot and then choose a bowl type and bowl, no worries about no balls or timing which makes for a nice easy start to bowling.

Batting has loads of shots based on shot choice and direction of joypad and the use of LT+RT (this one can be played on keyboard Don Bradmans cannot). The one big difference is when you get out you get -5 runs but hitting 6’s and 4’s is a lot more common making for an exciting game with lots of runs and wickets in a much shorter space of time.

Fielding is different in that like the board game if the ball lands between the fielders legs then you are caught and is a fun mechanic encouraging you to play a range of shots to find the gap as hitting a fielder means you are out. Also the field has zones broken down in to 1 and 2 run zones and boundries for 4 and 6 meaning no worrying about the running of runs and getting your self stupidly run out like in Don Bradmans.

Graphics are nice, lots of different stadiums etc to play at and there is also a World Tour along with versus and online modes. For a few dollars/ pounds anyone interested in having a go at cricket this is a no brainer.

I’d really like a cricket management sim like OOTP.

Thought I’d give Tabletop a go at that price and it’s definitely worth a look. Though I lost to the USA in my first game :(

Starting to get the hang of Bradman now, with a century in three successive games. Got my average over 20!

This is vaguely acceptable if you’ve not seen it before. It hasn’t really changed much in 10 years. I find it quite fun, but it’s fairly simple.

Some fabulous fielding from my latest T20 game in the English county system.

I just played what I figure to be the Ahses, with a five Test series against the Aussies, in which we got absolutely thumped, 4-1. I played very well in two of the Tests, (one we won, the other, would you believe, the English batting collapsed in the fourth inning), but in the others I just couldn’t get anyone out and reverted to trying to bowl straight and dry up the run rate, with varying success.

Virtual Michael Clarke is in a lot better form than his real life version.

We then won the one day series 3-2 to make us all feel better about ourselves. And we’re up 2-0 in the five game T20 series. So that’s nice.

Almost 250 hours in and still loving this.

That gif actually shows the game has solid collision detection! So many games would just have that ball go straight through the guy it hits. I’ve been impressed by that aspect, and seen some impressive catches taken off rebounds. And far too many fours conceded by guys pushing the ball over the rope when sliding…

Were you the one throwing, or the one copping it in the face?

In all my years of outdoor and indoor, it still amazes me that many that play don’t have the presence of mind to get the fuck out of the way in any situation where they may be blocking line of sight/throw of a fielder.

I was the one bolwing. The runners took two and then out of nowhere ran a third, (another good thing - the batsmen are aware when the fielders do something stupid).

The thrower and the one taking balls to the face were both AI, (as I only every play career mode).

Vaguely off-topic, but does anyone here own the original table top game? I used to have world cup cricket as a youth.

I haven’t played a cricket game since Brain Lara Cricket on the Amiga. What’s the skill in batting in Don Bradman and TableTop Cricket? Is it anything like Brain Lara? i.e. Move left/right, click to swing, hold direction, or something like that.

Personally, I find the batting pretty challenging in DBC. I only just got my first ever century in the game about 10 days ago. You can lower the skill level, but then I find that makes the bowling too easy.

I only play in career mode though, with a dedicated bowler, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that he’s not good at batting.

There’s a demo for DBC which is batting in the nets in a bowling machine. That would give you an idea of what it’s like.

I used to have it many years ago as a kid. Back then it was called ‘Test Match’, which I think is still the predominant version around in Au today.

Definitely was called Test Match in the UK.

I might have played this solo. Maybe. Uh…

I want to get Minden Cricket, but it’s about $50 for the game and then about a thousand dollars to get it shipped from the UK.

Yeah I have it, in the Uk it was test match but Super Cricket is the newer version which is no longer available. I bought it last year on ebay for £8 I reckon it’s the Aussie version as all the players are Yellow which is the Australia colours. Gets a fair amount of usage. Here is a picture I took just now, apologies on the quality.

Test Match

Ooh yeah that looks cool, it’s only £5 more to ship anywhere in the world than the UK.

I’ve got a bowling all-rounder and I’m struggling mightily with batting. I’ve had a 40something by just going aggressive but I can’t judge the ball at all against spinners.

I’ve got it, played it a bit but it’s a big time investment.

I wrote a couple of games up on BGG:

It’s so hard to find an edge in this game and then when you do, the AI fielder does this.

I may have said a rude word.

must be modelled on Ian Bell.

That’s five time Ashes winner, Ian Bell™.