Don Bradman Cricket and TableTop Cricket

17 dropping the ball is the impression I am getting from the user reviews on steam, hence my hesitancy. I wasn’t aware they dropped the Don Bradman moniker for Cricket 19, and it is getting glowing reviews all round. And of course, not on sale. Pout.

Oh jeez apologies, I never played DB17. The sequel I have is Ashes Cricket.

Which I guess came after 17 but before 19. Great naming systems. Thanks Big Ant. Thants.

I have very fond memories of beating Australia by 5 runs in a test match I played every ball of.

I don’t know anything about cricket, but I do know the first few minutes of this video are pretty darned funny.

It’s the Big Ant way!

reminds me of this.

Cricket 19 is now available for free* on Gamepass!

Yeah just downloaded

Let me know your impressions. I’ve never played a Cricket game on computer, only in real life. So I’m not sure what the conventions of video game Cricket are.

In CRICKETGAME you get to pick a name for yourself that the commentators will say when you’re on the field. There are a bunch of surnames and then some nickname style ones for “they didn’t have your name”

One of the nicknames is “Wheezy Goat Boat”

That made my choice a lot easier.

Cricket 22 appears to be in early access (although with nets only?!)

I think the early access for these cricket games is usually just nets and the “academy” (I think it’s called).

The academy is a player creator and early access mostly exists so crazy subcontinent fans can go in and create accurate representations of all the teams in the world that you can then download on day one of the official release and Big Ant can’t be sued for IP infringement.

Is there a ‘send dick pic’ or ‘ball tamper’ feature that lets you rotate the Aus captain?

E. lmao it has Bajo doing the video.


Lol game delayed to take Paine off the cover.

That aside this looks pretty good, will pick it up for the PS5.

Apparently if you pick it up for PS4, you also get a PS5 copy, but can install both versions, if you have folk you might want to play PS4 with online.

Aannnd here is the new cover - hmmm I wonder who the new captain will be???

This is pretty fun. Batting is good but bowling is tricky - I cannot get Starc’s inswinging yorker to work. Gower and Athers commentating have a surprisingly large number of different lines.

They finally changed the commentary? That is very good news.

Mate got his physical copy from a local brick and mortar, but they hadn’t changed the cover insert! Future Collector’s item!

Tim Paine fans everywhere will be prepared to pay at least $10AUD for it or will trade in exchange for 1 (ONE) sext.