Don Davis, RIP

Apparently, Don S. Davis, who played General Hammond died June 29th. That’s too bad. I met him once and he was a genuinely nice guy.

He also was Major Briggs, and I’m saddened.

Very well written memorial from one of the SG:1 writers here:

A class guy. Always liked him as Genreal Hammond.

Oh, that sucks. I really liked him as a character actor. He didn’t seem that old, either.

And he was Scully’s dad!

When I saw the title, I thought you were talking about the composer. Never heard of the actor!

I rode with Don Davis in an elevator at GenCon once.

Damn, there’s been a lot of death lately :(

Just found out about this the other day in a magazine.
He was only 65?
That sucks, I liked him on Stargate, and remembered he was Scully’s dad on the X Files, I also saw him on something the other day and was thinking, “It’s General Hammond!”

I thought of him as the “Twin Peaks guy” for a long time.