Don Johnson tries to smuggle $8 billion to Switzerland

Johnson Faces Inquiry Into Multi-Billion Cash Stash

Hollywood actor Don Johnson is being probed by German customs after a stash of money totaling $8 billion was found in his suitcase. The Miami Vice star was found to be carrying the astronomical sum of money - in shares, bonds, checks and credit notes - as he tried to enter the country from Switzerland. And, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, 53-year-old Johnson allegedly told a customs officer, “I am going to buy a car.” The uniformed man replied, “With that money you could buy the factory.” Officials said Johnson and three other men in the car were under suspicion of money laundering - no charges have been filed but American tax authorities have been informed. Customs Investigator Leonhard Bierl says, "A decision on whether to launch a criminal probe will come soon.

Now, would this have anything to do with Iraq? I mean, that’s a fuckload of cash to be walking around with.

Or maybe someone hacked imdb?

If bad guys have learned nothing else from The French Connection, it’s that you should never use actors as your mules.


He must’ve gotten one of those spam emails from those Nigerian fellows.

LMAO!!! Thats the first thought that crossed my mind

Does $8 billion fit in a suitcase? Wow.

Shhh, don’t tell him, but Derek just posted again. He must be sleep posting so do not poke him.

LOL!!! sleep posting is just about right :D I got tired of explaining via email and PM why I’m not posting (apart from rushing toward Gold next week) and I wanted to make sure you ladies didn’t think I’d been run off or something by a common twat.

That and highjacking an elevated train is a generally poor escape plan.

Absolutely no one is wondering what the hell Don Johnson is doing with $8 billion? :?

Thanks for thoughts.

Microraptor Gui.

I just assumed it was from some big TV Land Miami Vice syndication deal. ;)

– Xaroc

The uniformed man replied, “With that money you could buy the factory.”

Nice one! Germany takes the lead for driest witted custom officers.

An extra cool one! Here’s bonus link to an article.

Reuters says:

Don Johnson denies ‘farcical’ money laundering claim

Actor says no truth to German report

LOS ANGELES, March 13 — “Miami Vice” star Don Johnson on Wednesday vowed to fight allegations that he was embroiled in a money laundering ring, saying news reports that have circulated the world this week had caused him “irreparable damage” including the closing of two of his bank accounts.

Money is incredibly heavy and hard to move in bulk. This would take vans.

Yeah, I am with guest. How do you cram 8b into a suitcase? Maybe it was just a single IOU from Bill Gates for 8 billion.

It wasn’t cash. It was checks and notes.

It wasn’t cash. It was checks and notes.[/quote]

I was wondering when someone was going to mention that. I mean it was only hidden in plain sight at the very beginning of the thread, heh.

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Well now I have to go and find out if they ever solved the mystery of Don Johnson having $8 billion. :/