Don’t trust the mainstream media.

An interesting conversation on right wing digital astro turfing? Because that’s what just happened.

What if Thanos Was RiGhT??

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Not a bot… occultist researcher and anthropology undergrad. I primarily study macro-history, and that is primarily why I use broad “monolithic” terms. I am using lazy grammar because this is a forum, not an essay.

I started reading HPBs Secret Doctrine when quarantine started, and it’s done wonders for my perspective… “as above so below” has been hammered down on me a lot recently. Polarity is abundantly powerful, and it stands to reason that it could be weaponized by the media (and by media, here I mean influential third parties who deliver information to the masses… whether through tv or a town crier) in conjunction with other powerful institutions/individuals to create a distraction or achieve wider ends.

Also, my personal views are not right or left because through my studies I see that there were countless societies before America, and that there will be many more after us. America is a chapter in the human story, and I am not in the habit of indulging in rhetoric which misses that overarching point. I am a theosophist, so truth and holism are the most important aspects of my perspective and studies. Whether you want to call it “both-siderism” or hermeticism, resisting and rising above the compulsion to engage in polarity on as many levels as possible is an individuals most powerful weapon in resisting the media (or any outside influences) that try to impede on your ability and right to control what you spend your time, energy, and thoughts on.


media has existed for a long time and in many forms… so yeah I use it broadly.
mainstream media in this context is news media that is consumed quickly and often and personalized through algorithms (mostly headline based services- news apps, social media, youtube), and news media that is ultimately financed by people/institutions that are in the top 10% of wealth holders… that’s the elite. use the context clues.

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When I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

independent research means going out of your way to consume as much data as possible from as many sources as possible and using intuitive discernment in order to have a well balanced perspective.

Can we trust, but verify?

At least there was no citation of David Ickes or the Necronomicon.

As many sources as possible. One such reliable source:

She claimed to have received her information during trances in which the Masters of Mahatmas of Tibet communicated with her and allowed her to read from the ancient Book of Dzyan . The Book of Dzyan was supposedly composed in Atlantis using the lost language of Senzar but the difficulty is that no scholar of ancient languages in the 1880s or since has encountered the slightest passing reference to the Book of Dzyan or the Senzar language.

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I wonder if what we’re seeing is just a shift rather than a collapse. Investigative journalism is perhaps moving away from mainstream publishing outlets towards a more crowd funded approach. Bellingcat being a good example (

Crowd sourced news reacts quicker and has orders of magnitude more manpower. Hands up who has seen a story on social media/reddit/twitter and then seen the same story appear days later in the mainstream press?

As revenue for mainstream outlets drops (due to increased competition and changing reading habits) the demand for clicks becomes a matter of survival. This perhaps has led to an increase in controversial opinion pieces because they “sell” better than fact based stories.
… leading to increased political polarization.

I don’t buy the idea that we’re being spoon fed increasing amounts of false information from “the elite”. If anything the reverse is probably true. With so much information at our fingertips a rebuttal of a story is just a click away. Instead we’re in a position where we’re bombarded by just too much information. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is of ever increasing difficulty.