Does anyone watch this loser’s show on MSNBC. I don’t think I’ve seen a more tired, run down has-been since the last Geraldo special. I mean I’m not even talking about his opinions, but his journalistic style is vile!

Watched Hannity lately?

He was good playing to and for the studio audiences back in the day, but I am afraid the sun has set for old Phil. His over the top hand gestures do not really work when he is interviewing someone via a TV monitor. Makes him look a little loopy.

I like a dose of O’Reilly now and then, but many times he just runs over his guests. I actually prefer his radio show which did not start until recently. He is a little more loose and seems to be having more fun.

It’s kinda sad. I really think a genuinely liberal-progressive point of view is definitely missing from mainstream media and, I confess, I often watch his show simply because he’ll ask questions nobody else seems to know should be asked. Sometimes he’ll have great guests with really good insights or stories.

But, man, can’t they find someone who doesn’t come off as half-baked? Donahue’s melodramatic body language and meandering, stumbling, speeches are just so weak. Between Donahue and those idiotic IMF protestors some very important issues are becoming little more than punchlines. The medium is the message and the messenger is mediocre. At best.

“I really think a genuinely liberal-progressive point of view is definitely missing from mainstream media”

Yep. Though you’ll have a half dozen uberconservative twits jumping down your throat telling you that CNN and The New York Times are bastions of liberalism any minute now. Not fuckin’ likely.

OOOOH! I saw a promo for Donahue interviewing Jane Pauley about her interview with Barbara Walters, interviewer extraordinaire.

Riveting, I’m sure. Set your Tivos.

Wow. Meta-meta-meta entertainment. And I thought Entertainment Tonight was embarrassing.

Does everyone else here the goddamn DA DA DA DA DA opening to ET’s theme song every time they see the name? I hate that show.

The chick on Access Hollywood is hotter anyway.

Is headed out the door.

He has an audience now which may help. I wonder if the ratings have climbed out of the cellar at all.

He just seems so damn irrationally liberal. O’Reilly, while a definite conservative-leaning Republican, still seems to hold very liberal views on many issues and will speak out against the administrations fuck-ups. Donahue is the Limbaugh of the left IMO. Both are characatures (sp?) of their former selves, too. I really used to like Phil in the old days. :cry:

Bill O’Reilly:

He said this, repeatedly, as a way of baiting a flustered Dan Savage (a gay sex columnist, noted advocate of all sorts of freedoms yet also vocally against gay bath-houses) on his show. Apparently (and this is reported by Savage himself) several DJ’s are now sampling this quote for use in discos.

He definitely baits folks. Also, when arguing a point he will say, “Everyone knows that…” instead of quoting actual sources. I hated him at first just for being conservative as I do with all right wing conspirasists (j/k). The more I listen the more I think he is actually hitting on things he believes in for the good of the country. I certainly do not agree with him on several counts, but he is better than most of the other folks on TV and radio at telling the ‘no-spin’ truth. Even if he does spin/slant it his way at times.

He’s is a bit more free with his words and jokes around on the radio version of his show. I do not watch him on TV, usually.