Donald Rumsfeld is dead

While I never wish death on anyone, there are those whose deaths will bring me definite delight.

History may indeed remember him, but it may not be for his extraordinary accomplishments.

I wonder if he ever had any sincere regrets? Probably not.

I don’t want to go where he’s going.

He’s off to the great unknown unknown.

A classic mistake, allowing yourself to be encircled by enemy forces with no avenue of retreat or exit strategy.


One less known unknown for him, whether war criminals go to hell.

You go to judgement with the soul you have, not the soul you wish you had.

Spencer Ackerman doesn’t pull the punches:

Yet Trump is still alive with over 500,000 deaths on his bloody covid hands.

Well, looking at Europe and Australia, a lot of them would’ve happened anyway, although the after effects are ongoing. Either way, both of them have more victims than the easily counted ones.


Must be cathartic to prewrite one of these obits for every asshole out there.

So now we hope for news on Cheney?

@ArmandoPenblade, hows your supply of fiber? Do we need to place any bulk orders?

Did they say what he died of?

No, but we can rule out shame.