Donkeys & Donuts & Rissotto, Oh My!

Back tonight. Now PISS OFF!





I’m not no bitch!!

Also premiering tonight looks like a new season of Master Chef.

Love it.

Wait. Clemenza???

The last five minutes of Masterchef from Monday night are about as good a bit of TV as Gordon Ramsey’s ever done. Not sure there was a dry eye in the entire studio by the end of that.

(It’s an elimination pressure challenge to make a simple apple pie. Christine, the contestant, went blind 8 years ago from an autoimmune disease. During the challenge, she cut the crap out of her finger, struggled with the pastry bits, and–while every other contestant can see what their pie looked like in the oven, she can’t. In a nice bit of editing, we in the audience don’t see that damned pie until that nice reveal.)

That was amazing. My wife watched both shows, but I only watch Hell’s Kitchen. I may have to start watching Chef now to follow her progress.

I guess I’m having a hard time rooting for her, given how incredibly over-the-top the editing has been in her favor. I really liked her the first couple of episodes but now it’s so horribly sappy and ‘Go legally blind girl!’ that it’s turning me away. She’s the only contestant with her own heart-tugging soundtrack, for one thing.

If you are wondering if that makes you an asshole, you can stop wondering!

(just kidding)

Exactly. Fucking exactly.

I watch both these shows, both are very entertaining.

I am in love with Dana on HK. Loves her I do. <3

Oh it’s damn manipulative, absolutely.

Sometimes, I don’t mind being manipulated so much. Other times, I do.

its RAW!!!

So I caught up to this weeks episode, the women’s team has pretty much went nuclear, men’s team just has a few weak links left. And now a lady on the men’s team again!

next up 2 episodes of Masterchef to clean off the DVR.

Kimmie really gets on my nerves. But then so do a lot of the ladies. Kimmie is especially ghetto obnoxious. Even were she the best chef on the show, who the fuck would hire her?

She has them rapping skills to fall back on. ;)

Some seasons on HK, you can’t tell who among the chefs will be one of the final three until they get down to 6 or so.

This year, I think we know who the final 2 are already.


I am going with Dana or Clemenza if thats the case. :p