Don't ask Ubisoft for support...Or else!

Believe this is 75% off in the steam sale, so while telling everyone to F off if it doesn’t work they’re amusingly still trying to sell this at the same time.

I mean make up your minds, abandon it and move on or keep selling and support.

Countdown until Ubi is swamped by 1 billion troll tickets over this? I’m guessing under 24 hours. They certainly deserve it. I think I’ll go send mine now.

Given that this person had only ONE post in the forum and it is THIS post, I’m tempting to say it is a troll account. But I won’t be surprised if it is genuine.

Maybe if it wasn’t a stickied post

its also gone now.

Definitely a tone deaf response, but she’s just being honest about their policy.

Sounds like the right time for me to stop boycotting Ubi!

Wow. So if you complain about a game that is not working (even if you missed the notice) you can be banned from playing all your other games. For life even. Really?

The only thing that achieves is convincing me to never buy another Ubisoft game ever again.

Ubisoft representatives now tell Kotaku that the post had been written by a user impersonating a Ubisoft employee, not a member of the support staff. It has been deleted, with the player responsible for the comments now also banned.

How did the post get stickied if it was fake?

Community moderators can pin threads:

Done know how many there are in the group.

Could have been stickied by someone who thought it was genuine.

This is what one gets for cheaping out on your forum management. Nice, if late, lesson.

Well that makes much more sense. I can’t imagine anyone, in customer service no less, could possibly write something that bad lol.

oh my sweet summer child

I’d go with “oh son, bless your heart” ;)

Ubisoft support is ok in my experience. Not the best (Apple is by far the best in my experience) but not the worst either (Hello Blizzard).

Still I have no trouble believing that because the game is not making money they therefore would discontinue support, while still selling it. It happens to EA and would not be surprised if Ubisoft follow suit. Either way, glad that it is either a fake or there is a quick walkback.

The only support I used was Nintendo, for N64, Gamecube, and DSlite!

Each time they just express mailed me a new/probably refurbished unit after getting my broken one.

From my experience this is probably down to departments being isolated from each other - especially CS, probably doing support for all the titles, while having to maintain KPIs, SLAs, etc. Each title probably has an allocated manpower and/or budget, and I’m guessing Blacklist has none at this point, so the CS starting to deny requests internally first, and then the department manager finally got fed up with having to deal with this disruption and got the approval from someone higher up to write this. Could the letter have been worded differently? Absolutely.

But I’d bet my left nut that this is 100% internal politics and pressure and zero having to do with paying customers. Still a bad look for Ubi as a whole though, and it’s just a matter of time before one of the big wigs gets a whiff of this and intervenes. I seriously doubt the CS lead will lose her job over this though, because I am confident this was not done without the nod from higher up.

Shit was fake, yo.

I dunno. It’s awfully well-written for a fake.
Zero typos. Proper formatting.
Yes it’s possible. But most fake shit I’ve seen doesn’t look that good.