Don't buy that faux Kate Spade bag!,2933,92094,00.html

It funds terrorism!

Also…I summon Jason the Fulminator, a 4/5 Troll with Forumwalk and immunity to logic!


Righttttt, terrorism is funded by violations of intellectual property law. Wait a minute, wasn’t it funded by suburban kids smoking dope? I saw the ads…

Fulminator does 4 damage to Foxnews. Only 9,232,321 hit points to go!

I wonder if all these counterfeit items are stamped “made in China” ???

Osama bin Laden is behind the file sharing networks. If you download MP3 files, you may be funding terrorism and destroying the free world. THINK!*

*[size=1]eh, I need another 38 posts.[/size]