Don't copy that floppy!

A valuable lesson to be learned…
And it’s all true, I mean, we really did lose Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail!

Keep an eye out for a sneak preview of Neverwinter Nights! Talk about your long development times.

6 year edit: I don’t know what the hell that old link points to, but here is the video:

LOL! I remember that thing, from when I was in something like 4th grade!

Favorite quote: “Welcome to the end of the computer age.”

Wow, I’ve never seen that one before. Great and scary entertainment. I’m surprised it hasn’t traumatized a generation of gamers. Had I seen that way back when I was a young gamer, I probably wouldn’t have dared to insert a floppy disk anymore just to not encounter the tooth fairy er … ‘Disk Protector’.

OMFG…that’s just…um…that’s…um…well…er…

I’ll never copy a floppy again. I just hope they don’t make an edgy rap for multi-ethnic/gender gamers about CDs.

Don’t Copy that Floppy.
Wrap that Rascal.

Same difference.

After watching that, I think a lot of people would be left blind and/or mad and unable to copy a floppy or anything else.

Why is there so often such a hilarious disconnect in PSA’s aimed at kids? I guess we really do lose touch once we grow up. “Hey, those kids like that ‘rapper music’ now. We can use that to appeal to their common decency!”


That’s BOGUS!

I would like to point out the inclusion of PIXAR in the credits. From “Don’t Copy That Floppy” to “Finding Nemo”. What a scary trip.

Wow, I never knew that the Mac LC included DRDRM (Dancing Rapping Digital Rights Management).

How old is that thing? They had a PREVIEW for the original NWN! I saw Plutos up there which was a game I played on the Amiga some time in the late 80’s

The copyright I saw was 1992.

Give SPA credit for trying :wink: a pity practically nobody ever saw it…

Don’t RIP That CD isn’t nearly as catchy… :)

Maybe if they would’ve made shorter 30 second bits instead of a 10 minute special then more people would’ve gotten the message.

Warranties? Warranties? Warranties?

Shut the fuck up.


I always liked the Swedish (I think) anti-piracy TV ad - ‘This man spends all his time downloading German pop music from the Internet, not only is he breaking the law, but he also has terrible taste’.

I don’t think it’s Swedish, I’ve never seen it.

Heh, we would need more ads like that.

The Software Publisher’s Association gives you permission to copy this video for the non-profit purpose of promoting the ethical and legal use of software
Where does one begin to comment on this? :)

Damn, I just spotted this thread after posting my own.

Deleted mine.

This is comedy gold :)