Don't Dare Say Uterus

I need to move from Florida…

Beware the Uterati.

Yeah, I mentioned this in the Indiana abortion thread.

If only they could refrain from saying “arm”.

The Republicans might want to regulate it but the Democrats would want to tax it.

Uh… could we have some evidence of that? Otherwise you’re just throwing out some false equivalence where one is fact and the other is hearsay.

The Uterati

You’re a moron.

Someone needs their humor detector re-calibrated. Why so serious? :)

Oh, they even became a movement:

So wait, they hate the gays and uteri?

What does that even leave them?

Goats, I believe.

Goats of what gender?

The same gender as this one :

Ah! The good old times… When they didn’t have a uterus and it all happened under the sheets within 2 minutes. When men were men, and women were good housewives!

Orange you glad I didn’t say uterus?

. . . I’m sorry, but I’ve had that in my head ever since this thread started. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I had to get it out.


This hardly surprises me. The guy putting the kibbosh on the word uterus probably thought it was some other word. Growing up in Georgia, when my brother was still in high school and I was at college, he was on the wrestling team. After practice one day, the coach gathered the team together in the weight room to have a serious discussion about an important issue. The issue? He had heard rumors, and wanted to be sure that no one on the team was one of those “homo sapiens.”

My brother switched sports soon thereafter, being a homo sapiens sapiens himself.

I said wow.

The little tiny stick figure dancing with joy TOTALLY MAKES THAT GIF, awesome find Bill.