Don't Drop The Soap

Hey, it’s License Plate Tycoon!


I think this is in fairly poor taste myself. I wonder if there’s a Abu Garib or Guantanamo level?

Dude when can I buy this? I am always down for some prison riots.

This is a scam…right?

I am so making the Green Mile mous stomping mod for this game

Looks like a joke since there’s only a contact e-mail and some system
specs. I’d buy it if it was real.

Oh, it’s quite real. Coming soon to a Walmart near you.

On one hand, I could play Oz. On the other hand, why would anyone want to?

Any hot female inmate action?

Brought to you by the folks who brought you:

Also known as Hazard County Tycoon.

But can you right-click any inmate and designate him to be “yo bitch”?