Don't even THINK of posting a non-animated gif in this thread (2024 edition)!

That’s Man Thing! From (I think) Werewolf by Night.

Did you know there was a Man-Thing movie? Man-Thing (2005) - IMDb

Uh, lazy gif because I wanted to post that:

File:Wolf Moving Amination.gif - Wikimedia Commons

Underappreciated flick, imho - I loved it

My favorite Hazbin Hotel character…


Ah, Zaxxon. That one takes me back.

Zaxxon, meh. Now Major Havoc, that was a game. I eventually got to the point that I could play it forever. At some level, I’ll just make it up and say it’s 65, the message came “you’re getting close to the end” but that turned out to be a lie…



I didn’t say I thought it was a good game, just that it took me back. Just saying. ;)

Oh my god, you shot the fuel tank! You never shoot the fuel tank!

Whoa, no kidding. That was a ton of fun, and it took less than an hour! And now I’m a big Ted fan! Shame about the derpy “werewolf”, though.

I get that they were going for the traditional Universal pictures wolfman, but yeesh. We live in a post-Rick Baker’s American Werewolf in London world. You can’t just glue hair onto Michael Landon’s face anymore. So much promise in that amazing sequence @AWS260 just giff’ed, with Elsa cowering during the silhouetted transformation! And then we get a derpy wolfman doing wire fu…