Don't feel bad if you're playing Destiny on an older console

Title Don't feel bad if you're playing Destiny on an older console
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When July 21, 2014

Even though Activision is spending a lot of money on Destiny's server technology, the shooter with MMO roots won't have cross-platform play because Bungie doesn't want players to think one platform has a competitive advantage over the others..

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Is it just my BS radar that's pinging?
I don't know; this seems like a pretty flimsy reason to limit the matchmaking.

Any kind of cross-platform multiplayer on consoles (between generations or between companies) is pretty rare, rare enough that I imagine it's more complicated than it sounds, and generally not worth the trouble for the minimal benefit. "It's more complicated than it sounds" isn't really a good PR response though, so I'm guessing that's why we get answers like this, that are probably technically true, but still sound a little vague or like they're dodging the question.

I was also thinking of the massive difference in install bases between generations. ~7 million PS4s and a few less Xbones compared to the tens of millions previous gen.

Cross-platform or not, I am pretty impressed with the beta build of Destiny. Definitely getting this on day one.

No PC, no sale. With a reported budget of 500+ million in development/marketing budget, seems like a wasted opportunity.

dude you are missing out

Dude, I'll survive.

They're really trying to spin no cross platform multiplayer as a positive feature?

I guess, if you're happy just surviving.

"Regardless of where the reality is" - best answer ever, much better than "I'm just going to make something up"

It's just a game, pal.

I seriously do not get the hype for this game, even after playing both the alpha and beta. It's Halo reskined, complete with the same terrible enemy AI.

I know, bud.