Don't forget April 6th

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The last even halfway decent album they put out was John Henry, IMO. Have they gotten over their whole “we’re a serious rock band” phase?

I don’t know. Been a huge fan of them back before they even had a serious record deal in the 80s. However that do have a problem of wanting to be taken too serious. Actually I think what is worse is they some how think they are this great live band. Maybe they were 15 years ago but lately its kind of sad. I think the album just after John Henry, Factor Showroom, was quite strong. The past 3 albums haven’t been all that good beyond an interesting track but hey, maybe this will change with this one.

Hmm, I can’t see how you’d say that. Factory Showroom was a bit more rock thanks to more Flansburgh songs than average, but “serious”? “Exquisuite Dead Guy”? “I Can Hear You”?

The Long Tall Weekend EP has “Certain People I Could Name”, a classic.

Mink Car is a great album. “Man It’s So Loud In Here” and “Hopeless Bleak Despair” are as good as Linnell’s best. “Working Undercover for the Man” is great.

TMBG are still TMBG. Maybe you are different.

Er… John Henry is a forgotten masterpiece, not halfway decent. Also, Factory Showroom, Long Tall Weekend, Severe Tire Damage, Mink Car, and They Got Lost are five great albums that they’ve released since JH.

And Rob: They are an amazing live band.

Been playing their “children’s” album almost non-stop for the last 6 months. My kid just loves it. And I love it, too.

My daughter loves Robot Parade and Fibber Island.

With my daughter, it’s all about “The Edison Museum”
But really, the whole dang album is gold in my book.

Any of you folks familiar with Dan Zanes and Festival Five Records? Zanes was cofounder of the Del Fuegos and after their bust up moved on to create some of the BEST kids music out there. Check out


Yeah we have a one Dan Zanes children’s album. It’s pretty good except for some freakish guy who sings along on a few of the songs.

We’ve also got an NRBQ children’s album that gets a lot of play as well.

Sure beats the Wiggles!

Ok, back to the topic… TMBG roXXors!!11!