DON'T GIVE UP, an RPG I made inspired by 2 years of depression and my anti-social nature comes to Switch 4/8/2021!

Hey y’all!

So, it’s been over 8 months since I joined your little family (someone said I wouldn’t last 3 weeks, ha! showed you) and shared my little project with you guys. It failed a Kickstarter shortly after but I didn’t give up on its potential, I took all the feedback received, and did my best to improve my story telling, redesigned the combat, and added more of what everyone loved :D

So I’d like to share it with you again in the form of a gameplay demo trailer and some juicy gifs (mind you it’s still no Octopath ;D) It’s a dark comedy 2D RPG about a game developer and his personified inner demons, It’s getting some pretty nice reception so far.

And yes I know I’m still not the most active individual, but working on an indie game isn’t exactly lucrative or time friendly so I both usually don’t have the time or the money to get into anything deeper than a mobile game most of the time and am often out of the loop, heck, I just got my hands on “Prey” this past Sunday so pity me really >.>

Also feel free to totally derail this topic like last time, I liked that very much (not that you wouldn’t anyway)

Whatever you do, don’t get the Mooncrash DLC. Then you’ll never get anything done!


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This was great. I wish I could view the world with less perverted eyes.

Luckily I usually disconnect with DLC! I find most DLCs are either in the midst of the story, a prequel, or follow a different person’s events and that gives me the small bit of wiggle room I need to get away and disassociate myself!

Can’t blame you. It took me a couple of minutes to recall what I was on about. It’s nothing to do with you BTW. Upthread replies seemed like newcomer hazing which I find unpleasant.

I miss Teiman

This is taco thread, can we focus!, we need to focus!! :D

I dig teiman’s interview mode, I didn’t know we could do that. Discourse is awesome! I’m going to give it a shot:

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Hey, I just happened to notice OP’s game is coming out, and it’s going to be getting a Switch release. Seems to be getting some buzz from indie gaming circles so good for them.

I like the tone of the trailer. Not sure what kind of game it is, but it does make me curious.

Wow, I’m really shocked this got brought back from the grave! Someone out there remembered me <3 Feel free to ask me any questions! It’s been a long road! Took 4ish years to make and then like another year and some months to get it to the Switch because of one hurdle or another!

First, congrats on seeing it through.

I’ll get it on Switch just to see what it is at less than a sawbuck. Going in blind for some sort of RPG.

What caused the extra time for the Switch version — the lower spec or something else?

Thats amazing! Great job on completing the game, and getting it on the Switch! It looks really interesting, and very different from what we usually see.

Well to be honest, when I initially signed up to be a switch dev I was denied by their team. I was lucky enough to have some folks I’d worked with along the way to step up in my corner and get me access. When I got the rejection I was shocked because the game was already released and had good reviews on Steam so I pretty much felt that was it. Over a year later my rejection came to light with some folks and the ball got rolling. The actual port took me less than 2 months haha.

Thanks, I find it funny that a number of the comments on the trailer are a lot of people annoyed by the variation of portrait art styles, when I started working on the game I probably had less than $800, so I had some artist turnovers, like a lot of low budget “passion” indie projects might see (at least when you’re collabing with strangers). I worked hard and through every cent into it, and the portraits never bothered me (they are different in very specific situations, like combat, vs dialogue, and personally I think the cover art can be a different style altogether), but basically low budget in the beginning is why some of the portraits are off. But I’m glad you saw past that!

Launched! ^_^

Best of luck! The trailer is delightful indeed :)

Any chance of porting to other platforms? I’d try your game but I don’t have a Switch.

It’s on PC already! DON'T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale on Steam

Off topic, but whenever I see this thread, the Kate Bush / Peter Gabriel song starts playing in my head.