DON'T GIVE UP, an RPG I made inspired by 2 years of depression and my anti-social nature comes to Switch 4/8/2021!

I miss Fizzies.

I’m a big fan of carbonated ketchup, myself. Just be careful not to shake up the bottle.


this can’t be good or good for you >.> hell, it has imitation on the packaging.

That’s about the only iced tea you can get in Belgium. Sweet and fizzy. We find it really weird when it’s flat in other countries. Lipton iced tea is pretty much it when it comes to iced teas in supermarkets.

I find Lipton in bottles tends to be way too sweet.

You’re missing the point. We got those when I was a kid. You added the tablet to a glass of water and it made soda! Magic.

idk man, the faces on those tablets are looking off to the side awfully deviously.

…or maybe they are just repressing the fact that they are literally being dissolved alive for consumption.

* puts on interview mode *

You are obviously a talented and hard working person. Why you made a videogame of all things? What are your dreams for this game or future games?

Ahaha is this sarcasm? No, no, I’ve gotten the vibe for you people and I wanna say no one here would be that harsh :P
Let me ask YOU something, if you could make a video game about something you really cared about, would you not take the chance?

I just want to finish this probably more than anything in my life before, like, I’ve pretty much submerged myself in debt trying to work on a game that might break even, but this game is so much more personal to me, I can’t even explain the feeling of putting something personal into your work that you designed from the ground up and having comment in all caps “THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME GAME I’VE EVER PLAYED”, that right there sets a fire in me that makes me determined to move mountains myself to finish it!

I’m aspiring to finish it late 2018 or early 2019, if this is successful I might consider making more games, the weird thing about games is that most of them fail, and by fail I mean gaining less than what went into it. I’ve had 4 prototypes crushed before, but so much of getting into the game is getting journalists (and now probably more so popular youtubers and streamers, a lot of them get sponsored by companies so a lot them won’t even be interested without some incentive) to cover them. Once you establish relationships i’m sure it gets easier but on the outside most of us get “binned”.

Damn, I really know how to end things on an uplifting note don’t I?

Anyway I appreciate your praise, I hope you get a chance to try out the game~!

Teiman is a truly genuine soul. Take him at face value. The rest of us… well…

If you can figure out what that face value is.

See what I mean? :(

Is complicated. When you are creating art, you are creating it to show to other people. Will you write a book in a language that nobody can read?
Is not enough to have something important to say. You need somebody to heard it.

Well said!.

* interview mode re-activated *

Why do you think Minecraft was so fucking good?

Mildly NSFW and maybe check to make sure no family member is watching behind you.


I dont understand the photo. Seems to be a photo from a alternate dimension where the Greek Empire conquered all Earth, Alejandro Magno lived 110 years. The main differences from our world is that everyone dress awesome, and when you have to buy french fries from your local ΣX, you do trough a small window. If you take too much time to order, queue etiquette turns violent.

You’re a goddamn national treasure, Teiman. For all nations.


Hey y’all!

So, it’s been over 8 months since I joined your little family (someone said I wouldn’t last 3 weeks, ha! showed you) and shared my little project with you guys. It failed a Kickstarter shortly after but I didn’t give up on its potential, I took all the feedback received, and did my best to improve my story telling, redesigned the combat, and added more of what everyone loved :D

So I’d like to share it with you again in the form of a gameplay demo trailer and some juicy gifs (mind you it’s still no Octopath ;D) It’s a dark comedy 2D RPG about a game developer and his personified inner demons, It’s getting some pretty nice reception so far.

And yes I know I’m still not the most active individual, but working on an indie game isn’t exactly lucrative or time friendly so I both usually don’t have the time or the money to get into anything deeper than a mobile game most of the time and am often out of the loop, heck, I just got my hands on “Prey” this past Sunday so pity me really >.>

Also feel free to totally derail this topic like last time, I liked that very much (not that you wouldn’t anyway)

Whatever you do, don’t get the Mooncrash DLC. Then you’ll never get anything done!


Since the thread was bumped:

This was great. I wish I could view the world with less perverted eyes.

Luckily I usually disconnect with DLC! I find most DLCs are either in the midst of the story, a prequel, or follow a different person’s events and that gives me the small bit of wiggle room I need to get away and disassociate myself!