Don't need to wait for the Republicans to connect Obama = Muslim

I was suprised to see on CNN this morning a picture that the Clinton campaign is apparently circulating of Obama in a turban, etc. That’s the tactic that people have been claiming the Republicans would pull out - seems the Clintons beat them to the punch.

Tail end of a radio interview with Stephanopolis on this on the way in to work, George says the Clintons aren’t denying they are circulating the photo, but rather taking the tact of asking why Obama would be ashamed to be seen in “native dress.”



Yeah… god help me, but I agree with Drudge on this… this is just retarded…

By that rational, this image means Clinton is muslim:

CNN has decided that partisan bullshit is fun!

Check this out from yesterday:

The Bush in a kimono pic made this whole thing worth it. Well, not really, but I can’t believe I missed that when it happened.

Wow, and Clinton is the one complaining about Rove style tactics?


I LOLled.

But his first name is Hebrew, so he’s Jewish, right? (“Barak” = “lightning”).

That is some awesome onomatopoeia.

That is pretty sweet. His name means “blessed,” though, although the internet can’t decide if that word is from Arabic, Luo, or Swahili.

OK, Jason, let’s see you spin this one.

Here’s the photo in question, since it hasn’t been linked yet:

Why is Obama slapping a Cardassian?

Well, they’ve been uppity ever since they lost Bajor.

Not seen in photo: dynamite belt, detonator.

It’ll turn out to be backstage at his church’s Christmas pageant when he played one of the shepherds.

Not shown: Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, Manger

My Republican friends are giggling with glee over this.

the great thing about ‘the photo’ is that it ratchets up the hate between the hillary and obama campaigns