Dont shoot! I'm with the science team!

Could we get an apostrophe in “Don’t”? That’s all.

Here’s a spare one you can use: ’

You’ll have to arrange for installation though.

Dang it! I was hoping for one of these: ’

I’m sorry, those have been discontinued and replaced with the new non-discriminatory version. People were mixing up ’ with ` all the time, and after several embarrassing lawsuits ’ was deemed more appropriate.

Only a hipster-doofus would use one of those now, but in a couple of years it will be considered ‘retro’.

Punctuation; as they say - is highly overrated and shouldn`t get in the way of meaning?

I think I just had an aneurysm. Thanks for that.

Did’nt you, mean should’nt!

No, we cant do that.

We dont need no stinkin apostrohes.

This seems to have been resolved quite nicely.



It’s pronounced “S’cience.”

And you have to give your index finger a vigorous poke in the air.

I thought Tom invested a few of his apostrophes in Cormac’s investment scheme, which went belly up at the first typo. It probably cannot be recovered in this market.

Thanks, it looks lots better now!

Phonetic Punctuation.

Fwiss. Purp.

“As long as ye dona shoot me, ye can have all them blue shirts! While I was repairing the anti-matter feed in the port nacelle they were off stealing my boot leg brandy bantering on about theory.” Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, not so esquire.