Don't Starve


I believe a blueprint is equivalent to having made the prototype of something at the science machine. I have found a few at corpses of other people.


Ah okay, that explains a lot actually. So you can craft something without having to prototype it using a science machine or alchemy engine or crazy magic hat thingie.

In other news, after my last death at hands of the Tall-bird Terminator, this time I started a game as Wilson and I turned on the changes from RoG for the first time. I was a bit nervous.

As I explored the world, since I always have a much easier time if I build my first base near some beef-alo, I was determined to just keep exploring until I found some Beefalo. So I explored… and explored… and explored… and explored. 12 days of nothing but exploration. It’s the most I’ve ever explored in a game of Don’t Starve. I ended up exposing what feels like a whole continent. Just a huge area, which included a desert biome that I’d never seen before, that must be from Reign of Giants. The desert biome had hounds in it! And yet, it still wasn’t as dangerous as the angry bee hive area.

In my travels I never came across any Beef-alo. In fact, the grassy field biome was so rare, it was only near my starting area. So eventually I stopped exploring and went back to the grassy field so that I could setup rabbit traps. One thing I did come across was Maxwell’s Door. I’d seen that before in some games but been too afraid to go in. This time I decided, what the hell, this is a game of firsts, so why not try something new? So I went in.

HOLY MOLY! This adventure mode thing is hard. In this new world, it was already winter, and they started me with no resources except a chest with some flint and a winter hat and one other resource. I’m having trouble just surviving day to day in this place. It’s hard just to get enough food and warmth to keep going.


I feel like I just go through a cycle of Klei games and games similar to Klei games. Shipwrecked and Oxygen Not Included are the current ones. God I love Shipwrecked.


Me too, but I haven’t touched it much since it came out. I should though. I think I need a mod to speed up collecting the stuff like grass, chopping wood, and the like, I’ve done it so much at this point starting over again is agonizing.


Yeah, it has that burnout level for sure. It’s weird because I hit it earlier on Shipwrecked and Don’t Starve more than in similar games. Maybe it’s the scope.


I think you might be onto something there. I really love the end-game when you have a massive base with all the cool stuff, and then when you die you have to start from scratch it’s hard to remain enthusiastic even though building up to that is part of the fun, especially the exploration of a new world. I really feel like if there was a way to “gather” once and get twice the usual results with common stuff like grass and wood even, just a little something like that, would make it a little easier to dive back in. Maybe there is a mod out there I should be looking at.


Don’t Starve Hamlet is out!

I can get it for full price $7, but there’s a Klei weekend sale going on. I can “complete my collection” as part of a bundle and get it for $4.68 since I own everything else Don’t Starve related. Or I can get the Klei Survival Bundle, and get Oxygen Not Included and Don’t Starve Hamlet for $13.89.

That makes Oxygen Not Included an extra $9 and change.

Anyone who loved Don’t Starve also like Oxygen Not Included? Klei’s games are all so different, I’m not ever sure if I’ll like another one. For example, Invisible Inc is a nice game, but I just couldn’t get into it.


I’m the opposite. I loved Invisible inc but couldn’t get into Don’t Starve. That’s why I’m not sure if Oxygen Not Included would be for me. I’m tempted though, especially since you can pause while planning and building stuff.


I made my decision! I shall ignore Oxygen Not Included. It is still in Early Access after all. I shall have plenty of time to make a decision on that game later.

In the meantime, I picked up Don’t Starve: Hamlet for $4.68.

I’m so glad I don’t let Steam store my credit card info. Can you imagine if Steam had that info, and all I had to do was click twice to buy a game? Madness!

Instead, it’s a deliberative process where I have to find my credit card downstairs, slip it out of my wallet, go upstairs to the computer, type that stuff in, fill in my address and phone number too, and click on the little box to make sure it doesn’t store my credit card info, and Voila!

I’m diving in.


Bah, Don’t Starve: Hamlet didn’t come out yesterday, like I thought. It’s in stupid Early Access.

I’m such an idiot. Oh well. Lesson learned, I need to read the steam page better before buying games.

Uninstalled. For now.


It’s not properly marked. The pictures says Early Access but the big blue EA pieces isn’t there.



Yep, you’re exactly right. It’s not marked with that Big Early Access Game blue box like more EA titles.

Instead it has this:


If you keep scrolling down. I should have still noticed it, but yeah, I’m more used to that big Blue box warning me off Early Access titles.


I appreciated the heads-up! That seems like a nice price if you have lots of other Don’t Starve stuff, so I jumped on it just to get it into my library now.


I don’t think we have a Don’t Starve Together topic so I am going to drop this here.

Hey everyone!

Today’s a big day for Don’t Starve Together. We have quite a few things to talk about today, from Winona’s character refresh, to some lore content, to a drastic increase in drop rates.

Here we go!

Next of Kin
Every character has their story, and with each refresh, we will be revealing a bit more of their past. See what memories Winona has to share with you here:

Winona Refresh
Winona has been hard at work since landing in the Constant, and she’s invented a couple new ingenious tools! She can now construct a catapult to keep enemies at bay, as well as a spotlight to keep her and her friends safe from Charlie. Both of these gadgets are powered by her new portable generators.

Unfortunately, her hardworking nature may the better of her and she may work up an appetite without proper planning.


We’re also launching the new Industrious skin for Winona, an Industrial-themed item set, and the classic Guest of Honor, Triumphant, Survivor and Rose skins are now all available for purchase. All owners of these classic skins prior to today are now upgraded to an “Heirloom” rarity, with full unraveling value (that is, an Heirloom Elegant can be unraveled for 1350 spool).

New Drop System
In addition to these new skins, we are announcing drastically improved drop rates for everyone.

We want to make sure that players are able to earn skins and new characters in a reasonable amount of time. They previously could not so we felt the drop rate needed to be revised to reflect that. We are starting this new drop system before the first new character to give everybody a nice head start to earn spool before it’s release.

The first thing we are doing is providing a daily item bonus. Each day you play, you will receive a drop simply by logging in. Secondly, we are doubling the amount of timed drops that are given per week to 8, up from the previous 4. Along with the daily item bonus, players can now receive a total of 15 items per week, nearly 4 times the previous amount.

And finally, we have increased the frequency of elegants and other rare items in the drop table.

Our previous drop rates were as follows:

  • Common: 68%
  • Classy: 23.00%
  • Spiffy: 6.00%
  • Distinguished: 2.50%
  • Elegant: 0.50%

Today, the drop rates are:

  • Common: 52.7%
  • Classy: 26.0%
  • Spiffy: 13.0%
  • Distinguished: 6.0%
  • Elegant: 2.3%

Console Purchases
We finally have consoles able to purchase skins! This is a first step, we would like to be able to offer parity between PC and console on skins, but there are some technical details in order for us to support many different packages.

In the meantime, we’ve made the following bundles available for purchase:

  • Complete Gorge Chest
  • Magmatic Bundle
  • Winona Deluxe
  • Contenders Promo Chest

We have lots more in store! Our first new character is launching later this month, new Twitch items are coming next week, and the first pass of our new content is coming in April.


Posted January 22

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here, I’d like to share with you our plans for 2019, which are extensive!

First, I’d like to recap what happened in 2017/2018:
In 2017 we launched the Forge, and followed it up in 2018 with the Gorge. The idea was that we could offer a new way of playing Don’t Starve Together, in a limited-time format. We were a bit burned out on creating DST core game content and this format allowed us to try something a bit different, so we made these crazy game modes and provided them to the community for free.

Every time we launched these events, tons of players came to play, and in every instance we hit our highest ever DST concurrency. We’re super thrilled that so many people came to play the our weird game events!

While we enjoyed the events and are happy with the result, there were some drawbacks:

  • They took WAY longer to make than we expected, so we weren’t able to make as much content as we wanted, and it left little time to do things like bug fixes and Quality of Life updates for the base game.
  • Because we run the servers for these events, we also incurred the cost of these servers. Those of you who have been here a while know that Don’t Starve was not architected to be a multiplayer game, so running them on our servers was extremely inefficient. In short, even though we loved that everyone came to play, the item sales were only barely covering the costs of the servers.
  • We found that it was exceedingly difficult for us to run these events on console and as such underserved our console players.

It has been a valuable experience and we think the game is better for it, however we feel that it’s time that we turn our attention back to the core Don’t Starve Together experience: surviving together.

Here’s what we’re doing for 2019:

Brand New Content
The team is now working on brand new content for Don’t Starve Together. Survivors will be able to travel to new lands with new biomes, creatures, and more.

The first drop of this new content will come in mid-April, and we will continually be adding to the content every couple months afterward. As we said before, we think it’s important that everyone can play together and we don’t segregate our audience, so all of this content will be available for free to everyone!


Character Refreshes
The team also felt it was high time we gave our core cast some love (yes, we heard you). Over the course of the next year, we will be bestowing every character with revamped abilities, and give a glimpse into their backstory. Our goals here are to make each character unique, interesting and valuable in their own right and we expect this to be game changing in many ways.


Starting in March with Winona, we will be releasing a character refresh once a month.

These character refreshes will again be free to all players, and we will be selling new skins for these characters on the month they are refreshed.

In addition, the Triumphant, Guest of Honor and Survivor skin packs will be available to purchase for the character on that date. All owners of these skins prior to that date will be upgraded to an “Heirloom” rarity, with a higher unraveling value.

New Characters Enter the Fray
A fresh batch of four characters have been unwittingly ensnared and brought into the world. These new survivors will be released into the wild starting in Mid-March, and a new one will be released every 2 months.


We are still deciding the final price of these characters, but we currently think they will be $6.99 USD each, which includes a full character skin set. You will also be able to weave the characters with spool.

Since we do not want to charge players for the new world content, these new characters will be our main way to fund development of this new content.

Console Development
We are working hard on keeping the console versions of the game up to date. Specifically, we are investing in technology to allow us to more quickly update the game without going through lengthy certification on every small change, and we’ve also added more staff to work exclusively on updating the console versions.

We’re happy to say that the next update for the Year of the Pig King event will launch within 2 days of the PC version.

Quality of Life, Twitch Drops, Etc.
We will also be continually updating the game with bug fixes, QoL updates, new skins for Twitch drops, and more things that we’re not quite ready to announce yet.

Speaking of which, the Year of the Pig King update is going live on Thursday! Long Live the (Pig) King!

And that’s it folks!

In short, we are significantly increasing our support of Don’t Starve Together in 2019 with new game content, character refreshes, new stories to be told, new characters, and new skins.

Thanks so much for playing this crazy game, once again. I’m still amazed at how it’s evolved over the years. Please give us your feedback and thoughts!


I don’t really care about any of this. I just want local multiplayer on PC.


Do you mean LAN or split screen?


Local, ie. split screen. It’s the perfect game to play with a spouse, and yet we need to play on two separate computers.


I don’t think PC can do that without some molding… console can, I believe, both of them. I don’t recall them doing official support for PC.


Hey everybody. We’re a little bit later than we had anticipated, but we wanted to let you know that first new character DLC will come to Don’t Starve Together March 28th.

Wortox the Soul Starved will soon hop his way into the Constant to join our intrepid band of Survivors. He’s a fun, mischievous fellow with a big, kind heart… minus the fact that he eats souls for sustenance.

Here are his details: ( Some details may change before launch but this is what we are expecting.)

  • Wortox catches the Souls of creatures that die around him.
  • Souls can be used for the following abilities:
    • Wortox can eat delicious souls (then loses some sanity).
    • Wortox teleports a short distance.
    • Release Souls to heal nearby allies.
  • Unfortunately for Wortox, his body craves Souls. Food is only ½ as sustaining.
  • Wortox can be overloaded with Souls, causing him to drop them and lose sanity.
  • Wortox is less afraid of monsters.

Wortox can be unlocked in the following ways:

  • Wortox is available for purchase for $6.99, in the Wortox Chest. Wortox’s Survivor skin set is included in this chest for free.
  • The Wortox Deluxe Chest is $10.99 and includes the Survivor, Minotaur and Uncorrupted skin sets.
  • You can weave Wortox for 2700 spool.

We will have a new Wortox animated short and more details on March 28th!

Sorry that you have to wait a little longer. But for now to a tease for Wortox’s animated short, please enjoy Wes peacefully napping by a tree.