Don't tell anyone

…especially given the other recent Fallout, um, fallout, but I’m having fun with Brotherhood of Steel. Worth it for the $20 I picked it up for used.

NMA are on their way. Prepare to be bitched at.

I picked it iup new at full price and really enjoyed it.

I rented it, got about halfway through in a couple of hours, fucked up my right thumb with repetitive stress from pounding the A button, and returned it. I didn’t feel I got good value for my $4. Really a soulless derivative repetitive unfun game.

I enjoyed it quite a lot. Not as fun as Dark Alliance but was worth picking up for me.

It made me realize that I hated top-down gaming. The only good was that now I know better than to buy any of the Dark Alliance or Champions of Norrath games.

Has your house been firebombed yet?

I’m not sure, maybe they don’t have my summer address. I should call home and check on my parents…

i bought this at eb yesterday for $20 new.

it’s not bad, really. right now i’d call it better than champions of norrath (which I really didn’t like for some reason) but worse than dark alliance. i’d put it on par with D&D Heroes on the xbox or maybe Dark Alliance 2.

Heh, no way would I ever say that the original Dark Alliance is better than the sequel. Or Norrath for that matter. IMO, DA2 does every imaginable thing a little better - name any element of gaming, and I’ll take DA2 over the original every time. And whereas BG:DA1 is just plain too easy (at least until you unlock the secret difficulty setting), Norrath will kick your ass around on Normal if you’re not careful, and DA2 will at least provide a decent challenge on Hard.

Regardless, F:BoS is a pretty good game. Nothing spectacular, and it’s really a little rough around the edges - I don’t know how many times I had a hard time picking up an item that was elevated in any way (you have to crouch so as to slow your walking speed, then move around until you find the magic sweet spot where you can pick the item up). But the action is solid, it’s challenging, the story’s decent (although that’s only if you don’t compare it to the first two Fallout titles), it looks and sounds pretty good… if you’re into action RPGs then I don’t see how you could not enjoy it at least somewhat.

It does almost nothing to quench my thirst for another real Fallout, however. Go Bethesda!