Doom 3: Thumbs up or thumbs down?



Even if it is rehashed game design, I just can’t see myself not giving this a thumbs up. It is a great game.

Ahem, Deus Ex.

That’s two thumbs up, which we know where they came from. Cap’n beret didn’t like it of course.

Yeah I really enjoyed the game - best FPS I’ve played in a while (I despised painkiller like no other).

Lets admit it: At the bottom of our hearts, we’re all graphics whores.

What I find most interesting is that the FPS bar is still set from 1998. Six years later we’re still getting gameplay that has yet to reach it.

Thumbs down. Right down.

I like it. Thumbs up.

Thumbs up, even if I agree with just about everything in Chick’s clever little Trevor review thingie. I had low expectations and I like the darkness.

“I fire a shotgun blast at the darkness!”

I like the game. I do have some minor annoyances like the closet monsters. But the graphics simply blow me away. Right up there with FarCry. I think FarCry is the better game overall.

Am I having fun? Hell yes! It’s a blast, IMO.

Thumbs up for me. Very enjoyable even though I don’t get some of the reviews on this one (“Masterpiece of the Art Form” WTF?).

Just make a voodoo doll and stab me in the face already.

Just make a voodoo doll and stab me in the face already.[/quote]

No offense to you, Jason. I’m referring to PC Gamer’s review and the quote slathered on to the box.

oh, heh, sorry. Did PC Gamer say that?

It’s fun so far, but the server browser is fubared.

Okay, so it’s not just my machine? When I switch to the LAN game browser, it starts filling it in with Internet games

When given exclusive first chances to review a high-profile title like this, you gotta’ give a little sumtin-sumtin back in return. Sad that the EIC of a major gaming publication such as PCG couldn’t have been at least a little critical/analytical of the game, though.

Heh, which reminds me of Quake 1’s review that had the then-EIC of PCG, Matt Firme, proclaim that the game was technologically less advanced than the field-height, sprite-based Duke title.

Thumps Up. Fun inspite of it’s many problems. The darkness and the flashlight don’t bother me. I think that’s why I am able to enjoy it.

Dangit, I want a “so-so” hand motion!

There were good parts (the technical achievements, the computer interfaces), and there were bad parts (the archaic level design ideas).

If you take the monster closets and constant “shock” moments in stride, and consider them a homage to the original, then the game’s quite good.

However, if your FPS tastes have been refined over the years due to the progress made by the genre, then you may find yourself asking “Why did they do this!” Getting shot in the back by a teleporting imp, or getting locked in a tiny room and having zombies attack you from all sides may not be fun for you anymore. The game becomes more like a battle between “You vs. The Jackass Level Designer”.

In the end, I’d give it a thumbs up, but Carmack and his crew need to realize that things have changed. Although they continually raise the technical bar with their great engines, what they consider fun FPS design may not cut it anymore.

Thumbs Down.

They told me it was going to be a throwback, and instead all I got was this lousy Resident Evil ripoff with poor level design.