Doom 3: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Thumbs way down. Especially considering its hype and price point.

The gameplay is stale and tired beyond belief.

The graphics – well, they’re good. But I’ve got this feeling that we’re really beginning to approach photorealism obvilion at this point. Far Cry’s graphics blew me away a lot – it was like walking through a Bryce rendering in real time – and the interiors are just a smidgeon below Doom 3’s details. Doom 3 has some superior graphics, but thanks to FC and PK, they’re not “knock me back in my chair”. The graphical difference and flair between modern Dx9 engines is pretty minimal at this point. In short, I don’t think that Doom 3’s graphics make up for its other glaring deficiencies.

Bring on GHOUL 3, Raven :) At least Raven knows how to make a fairly entertaining pure-rail shooter.


I’m enjoying playing it on Veteran… But I’m also a nut who still enjoys playing the recently retooled Doom ports so my bias overflows

I’m playing through it slowly, in 30-60min chunks, and overall, I’m enjoying it despite the shortcomings[size=2]*[/size]. So, thumbs up, I guess, but not as up as, say, Planetside, which I’ve recently become addicted to.

[size=2]* shortcomings such as:[/size]

Every time I have sat down with the game I have had a hella good time and taken away memorable gaming moments that I doubt I’ll soon forget. I like all of the cheap thrills the game throws at you: killing the lights, spawning stuff in, the flashlight gimmick etc. I find it to be great fun. Sometimes it seems to make things too easy, as I sprint to the glowing floor tile so that I can shotgun the imp in the face before he moves, but for the most part it’s a fun and challenging FPS. I don’t care if the story or setting is contrived, because even if it’s contrived, it’s still 100 times better than random-place-the-devs-thought-would-look-cool-#17 from Painkiller.

I’m not saying its perfect. The sound design is great except all the weapons sound like shit. They would have been better off ripping sounds straight from Q2/3. I really hate finding bullets for my god damn pistol when I have 250 pistol rounds already but only the 13 rounds sitting in my machine gun. I kinda liked the original Doom mechanic of bullets being universal, but oh well. More tension from low ammo. I think it’s dumb that the guy whos giving you orders is like 2 minutes ahead of you for so much of the game but you can’t tell him to wait up for you.

But whatever, it’s still a really fun game. Maybe if I had to play it eight hours a day to make an early review deadline I would burn out on it, but the 1-2 hour sessions I get in nightly have all been great. My hatred for human-headed spiders and flaming skulls is legendary and I shall not rest until I have purged all of them from Mars and beyond. :) Thumbs up!

Thumb so far down, that it has to look up to see anything…or something clever like that. Boring game. Nice graphics and that’s all.

I’m holding out for MrAngryFace’s review.

It’s OK, but [Dave Spade] I think I liked it better a decade ago, when it was called System Shock [/David Spade].


My thumb is only tilted a little bit up on this.
My initial reaction was fantastic but now that I’m almost up to the monorail I’m feeling that this game is like a hard day at the office.
I’m going to finish it because, well, it’s Doom. It’s just going to be a grind doing it though.
My complaints are the same as everyone elses. I’ll leave it at that.

Im going to have to go thumbs down. Face it its a fancy tech demo. Initially I was really into it but after about 2 hours it just gets boring and I can’t seem to play for more than 30 mins at a time, not sure if i’ll even finish the game.

I never bought into all the hype for Doom 3 so its not like it couldn’t live up to my expectations. I knew it wasn’t going to really be like Doom1/2 because they couldn’t throw up the numbers of monsters at a time nor the size of the rooms. I was just hoping that Doom 3 would have been like Avp or the original AliensTC mod for Doom just with much better graphics. But it fails in that respect due to the poor pacing, the game is just not scary and doesn’t take the time to build up to something that could be scary.

So that leaves us with the pure action which is just too simple, and not very fun. Simple monster killing action is fun in Doom1/2 and games of its like (Serious Sam, Painkiller, etc.) because of the numbers of monsters they can throw at the player, also in Doom you had the feature of different monster types getting into fights with each other. This created the feeling of all hell breaking lose and created challenging fun adrenaline filled firefights. Doom3 is totally lacking this.

I wish I could give this game a thumbs up, but the actual gameplay is just too weak. Heres hoping that some good and scary single player mods come out of this game.

I’m giving it a thumbs up. I’m basing this upon the game on its own merits rather than using the old cynical throwback of comparing it to everything else under the face of the sun (or lack thereof - I like shadows, dammit.)

I was a little confused byt his too. The guy ahead of you isn’t the same guy giving you orders. The guy ahead of you is the Marine who arrived on the same transport with you and Swan. The guy giving you orders (Sgt Kelly?) is in Delta Lab.

Midway through the game, you have an opportunity to change who you take orders from.

That’s not cynical, that’s pragmatic. Deliberately ignoring the outside world is a big part of having fun with games, but that’s no way to evaluate them.

I haven’t played Doom 3 yet.

I realize this is a serious thread necro but it made more sense than creating a new thread for such an old game! Anyway, since Bethesda has dropped a new version of Doom 3 on the consoles I’m kind of tempted to pick it up. I realized I hadn’t played the game since I rented a copy for the original Xbox from the Blockbuster that used to be around the corner, and I’d kind of like to try it again. Anyone played this? Is it better/worse/about the same as the version currently on Steam?


Hell yes.

I was hankering for some Doom, but I didn’t like the 2016 game that much from the demo and what I’d read about it, so I figured I’d try this again. Played it the first time around but I honestly can’t remember much about it. Grabbed the non-BFG edition (because people were bad-mouthing BFG for, among many other things, no mod support) for like a buck thirty, and the expansion (which Steam claims I need the original for but which is a separate entry in my library) for 99 cents. Plan on using the Doom 3 Redux mod when I play it (after Dark Souls 3, maybe).

I assume this was chogglepants.jpg?

I haven’t played Doom 3 yet, but I will get to it one day.

Well hurry up. Tom’s been waiting 15 years for your answer.

Thumbs way down. The Xbox version improved it a lot, but the original PC version that Tom was asking about? Terrible.