Doom 3: where's the cd key in the box?

It’s not on the disks, or anywhere on the jewel case, or on the manual. What the hell?

Look underneath disc three in the jewel case.

Mine was inside the jewel case, in the spot where cd #4 would be if there was one.

Mine was on a sticker on the back of the manual.

Way to go, Activision - bad instructions plus its in like 3 different spots in shipping copies, apparently.

I should clarify – my copy had disc three in the fourth CD slot, as Andrew said. The disc had been put in upside down, too. I blame Satan!

First you have to unlock disc 3 with the Blue keycard. It can be hard to see in the dark, so use a flashlight.

  • Alan

Haha. I had exactly the same problem; couldn’t find the key anywhere. I was on the verge of heading back to Best Buy to get a replacement copy when I thought to look on the back of the CDs themselves, took CD3 out of the jewel case and voila, found the key sticker which was hidden underneath the CD. Strange place to put it.

My serial number was on the back of the game manual.

Obviously Australians are too stupid to be trusted to look inside the jewell-case.

Oh snap, mate.

Ha I had to scramble to find mine too. Mine was in the 4th CD slot behind the 3rd CD also.