Doom 4: Flashlights from Hell

i actually liked Doom 3 so I’m up for another.

id is now officially irrelevant.

Ugh. More monster closets.

It’s tough to give id the benefit of the doubt here, and I enjoyed Doom 3. I’ll still wait and see. They’re looking for a Lead Designer. If Tim Willits isn’t at the helm, there’s at least a chance someone might come in and actually try to form a decent game around new id technology.

I liked Quake 4 better than Doom 3. Does that make me crazy, sane, or just a big sausage?

It was a better game, so why wouldn’t you like it better?

That said, the Xbox version of Doom 3 was a lot better than the PC version. If I hadn’t already played all the way through the PC version, I would have definitely finished the Xbox version and had a much better time.

(They improved a number of things:

  • Made most of the rooms brighter, so that truly dark rooms were rare, but creepier.
  • Added Co-op, so you could go through the whole game with a friend.
  • The Co-op aspect, with friendly fire on made the game so much more fun, trying not to shoot each other.
  • In Co-op, it even made sense in the dark rooms to have one person use the flashlight while the other person used a weapon.)

Looking at that news report, it sounds like they haven’t even started development of the game yet. Sounds like they’re just going from pre-production into production. Why announce it now, instead of just saying we’re hiring for our next unannounced project? They’ve pretty much ensured that this announcement is a non-event, which seems like a waste for one of the biggest franchises in gaming history.

I predict years of hype, hoohah and overblown expectations, followed by the release of a game that is technically impressive on some fronts, but lacks in just about every other way.

So I guess I’m not alone in remembering mostly annoying flashlight usage with some monster slaying mixed in. But it was a pretty game, and now I’m wondering if there’s mods available to fix the flashlight issue.

edit: there do appear to be mods that add flashlights to your gun. Fun. Maybe I’ll play it through again sometime.

“This one’s got a bit of life left in it.”
“Then kick it again…”

There’s a mod that sticks the flashlight on the end of every gun you haev in game I think?

I thought Doom3 suffered from the same delusional form of scares that the original Alien movie did. The cat that jumped out at you was the scarriest part of the whole thing…

I thought they were going to do something new with the latest iteration of their MegaTexture™ technology? Does this mean they aren’t? Or are they running two teams at once? If it is the latter, that seems notable in and of itself. Is id getting bigger?

I nominate Tim Schafer.

As a tech demo, Doom 3 was … uhmm kinda shiny… when you could actually see stuff. As a game, it was terrible. Darkness everywhere except where the flashlight lit things up a bit. Graphics looked ok, lighting looked pretty good, but the game just was terrible.

Unless they are going to fix all that was wrong with Doom 3, 4 will be crapola. I don’t expect to put this one on my list until I see some serious review accolades.

Ids growing. Basically they are annoucing they are staffing up for Doom 4

I predict lots of keycards and dark corridors.

This is great news. I really liked Doom 3 a lot and still play it in small doses from time to time. The expansion was even better so maybe the trend will continue.

And yet, Doom 3 got great reviews too, nearly universally. One of the only places to call it out was CGM. Steve’s review was spot on, I thought, perfectly pointing out its problems and strengths. But there’s no more CGM. So now who can we trust this time around? Even Eurogamer gave Doom 3 a 9/10.

Maybe id will reinvent themselves for consoles.

Wonder if this will get released before DNF?