Doom classic - Sourceports, WADs, and MODs

@TurinTur I don’t know how you find time to play all these, let alone anything else. This stuff really deserves its own blog, but it might actually have a higher readership here. :P

Most of them won’t have them because well, Doom fans usually search the opposite of using ADS.

Well, some of them can be pretty short, like the last one, which was a single level done in 40 minutes.

One of the things I like the most of playing Doom is how immediate it is. I double click it and I’m playing directly, without no loading times, cutscenes, logos, anything. And of course there is no stat grinding, looting, dialogue, anything that would make the experience slower. Hell in Doom you can get close in speed to a rocket :P. So you can play a lot of ‘real game’ in just 4 or 5 hours, you basically can play an entire episode or even two in that time, while in something like AC Valhalla the first 4 or 5 hours would be the prologue.

But seriously, sometimes I feel guilty of playing Doom while I have bought games pending to be played lol. /looks at Divinity 2.

Speaking of, here it’s a new one :P

Hell Ground is a Cacoward winner from 2009, and it shows. Despite having 12 years already, it doesn’t matter, because it’s all about tastefully using new resources, like a great use of the Alice soundtrack and heavy use of custom textures that combined with GZDoom lightning, it really enhances the moody, almost survival horror-like atmosphere. Add the solid gameplay, hard but that never falls into slaughter, and it’s very recommended.

At 7 levels, it’s short enough to be played in two days. The second level was somewhat weaker than the rest. It has a strange 6th level that is super short with a single but obscure puzzle, but it’s worth doing at the seventh level is pretty good.

(I’m playing with Doom 3 weapons here, but that’s a separate mod)

I saw a headline that Romero is working on Sigil 2 for Doom II. Which reminded me, oh yeah, did anyone here play Sigil for Doom II? Is it good? How do you get a hold of it?

You can grab it from here:

It’s for Doom, not Doom II. He said he’s working on Sigil 2 which will be for Doom II.

Or… You can play Ultimate Doom through Steam and click on Add-ons.

Then, just select the supported mod to download it.

Viscous Realms
~550 enemies, no slaughter fight but a few intense areas, it starts with average difficulty but after the first 1/3 it gets harder, I had to repeat a specific fight a dozen of times. Around 90 minutes of play time with the retries, although there is a secret with BFG that makes the player have to explore all the level, find some switches and teleporters, in an almost puzzle-like fashion. There is a decent variation of fights, and it looks great, too, as you can see, good use of OTEX.

(Here I’m playing with enemies of Project Malice mod, they go well with the Gothic, dark theme of the level).

You have finished your replay of Quake? Yeah?

Ok, time to come back to Doom.

Redemption of the Slain is a GZDoom map, although beyond a door that opens horizontally and the colored lightning, it doesn’t do anything super special. Very nice detailing though, in some parts. It’s a big map, but to be honest it’s like two maps put together, as there is a transition between them in styles. Normal difficulty, and more run & gun style, punctuated by satisfying moments of carnage. It’s really super linear, as far as i could see. I only got the SS until 2/3 of the total progress so that’s something different. Lots of secrets too.

Grotto of the Scorned is the map I’m playing right now. It’s somewhat challenging, the author recommends HMP. 700+ enemies, it has some freedom in order of the areas to play, and there is a some variety of layouts, with a predilection of narrow fights.

You’re ambidextrous!

This mod looks interestingly amusing, I am tempted to fire up Doom and give it a try.

This is a thing someone has made…

Golden Souls 2 was very good, but I never played the first one…

This part was so cool I saw myself on the moral obligation of making a short clip

Doom wads can get strangely postmodern.

Ohhhhhh neat

Played all the way through this last night. Great f’ing mod.

I had it pending to play it for a year, I was waiting until Ep 2 is released. Which has been released finally.
I had to first finish my current WAD (I like to play things in order), and I could play the first level, I liked it. Especially the AI, with the enemy guys not rushing to kill you like in Doom, he changed the AI for them.

The wad I was finishing before was Fractured Worlds. One last video

While I posted about the pretty lights, it has strikingly unique fights, from Cyberdemons mounted in conveyor belts to fights where the floor would switch in between separate floors with archviles entombed in the walls at different angles, to crushers that would run along narrow open corridors at specific intervals, creating dynamic covers and impassable areas.
So it’s very recommendable but with the asterisk of the difficulty, I read it was ‘late Sunlust’ but I’d say it’s even slightly harder. It isn’t only hard, it’s… exhausting. For example he has put a new CD variant in cyan, same damage but much less health. Cool. Except he uses at least one in almost every room in map 3 already to spice up things, when not dropping squads of 6 in climax fights. Exhausting, as I said, because even if they die much quicker, you have to be in focus mode 100% of the time or they will blow you up i pieces, as the normal CDs.
I came back to using pistol starts, but I scaled down the enemy damage to a shameful 0.6x. Well, after a while I thought about it, and the difference isn’t as huge as I thought at first, it’s really just one mistake you can make, no more. For example, let’s say you have 80 hp, and two 45 dmg fireball hit you, killing you (90 > 80 hp). With the damage reduction applied, I would be dead if three fireballs hit me, instead of two (45 x 0.6 x 3 = 81).

I’m playing Ashes 2063 Ep 1 Enriched Ed. and I’m enjoying it a good bit. The first levels were good, but level 5 (the metro and related underground caverns) was ~great~. Moody, tense, thrilling in parts, with more side areas and secrets, and cool new (and scary) enemies. And great music.

Bloom, the weird but well done Doom + Blood crossover mod, is out.

First, Turin, thanks for keeping this thread updated. Even though I don’t reply, I do appreciate the updates on what is going on in the scene. (I used to review Doom wads back in the day. My claim to fame is discovering wow.wad.)

Second, Blood is maybe the only classic shooter I like more than Doom. Downloading now!

Bloom finished.

A recommendable project, if only for the originality, the very well executed atmosphere and the ambition of the project. It’s 22 new monsters, the whole Blood weapons + items repertoire, including the voxel items, some new weapons for Doomguy too and a 9 map episode that remixes famous Doom and Blood maps, with lots of void parts and ‘reality breaking’ bits.
However, the other side of the coin is that is a bit… messy. A few of the monsters aren’t properly balanced, the difficulty is strangely low (in UV!), some of the last bosses aren’t fun to play, there is a UW map that is a pain in the ass. Still very much worth playing.