Doom classic - Sourceports, WADs, and MODs


You know what, I never played the Final Doom game. Maybe I should load up the wad and give it a go…

edit: Damn it’s hard. It kicking my ass on Hurt my plenty. I want to believe it’s because it was the final expansion done thinking on veteran players…

Doom was my first multiplayer experience too. I was in 6th grade and it was Doom deathmatch…against a girl in my class. She also gave me a mod on a floppy that turned enemies into Barney and she was the first person to tell me about Duke Nukem 3D while I was still dicking around in Myst.

Yeah Final Doom is Brutal…stick with it, your 1990’s chops come back quick enough…

I first really played Doom on the much-maligned Atari Jaguar, with a length of phone cord snaking down the dorm hallway to another room with another Jag. Ahh, deathmatch, the distant screaming and yelling…

Man, there is much nasty BS in Final Doom…

Two example from the third level: I’m running in a corridor, in the exit there is chasm with a very thin thread of ground to stand on. So there, the entrance behind me close leaving me in the open with almost no terrain to evade and no cover, and with a Reveneant in front of me, a chaingun soldier and two cacodemoms one in each side.

Or, I take the red key, and that trigger a Hell Baron spawninig in front of me, an Archvile behind me blocking the only exit and two chaingun guys at each side. This in a very small room without room to move, they spawn basically boxing me. And in that level you still don’t have the plasma cannon or BFG. Impossible to survive, I had to load and try again four of five more times to do it.

Is Hamachi still the simplest over the net method for coop Doom?

Edit: The answer is yes. And still awesome! - although I’m not sure I prefer gzdoom to zdoom (non-GL)

Same. Thanks to Doom, I also learned what a null modem cable was and, after some frustration, learned why you do not need to hook up TWO null modem adapters to your serial cable, only one… /doh

Wimp :)
But you are right, Final Doom is totally about ripping you a new one. Not for the faint of heart, or the rage quitter.

Christ, I hadn’t through about for years. Wow. Now I feel really, really old.

Now what made me think of that? Also, emacs ftp-mode.

Because I’m a wimp AND a rage quitter as Major says :P, in the end I went to play Thy Flesh Consumed, the 4th episode of Ultimate Doom, which I never played a lot (just once, from what I remember) because that episode came later after the first release of the game, when they did a retail version. In fact I think played Doom ][ before it.

God damn the image when you finish it it’s horrible. The real monster is not the demons, but that neck!

Sorry to let you down, but it’s a bunny.

“Spoilers”, if you consider doom to have some kind of epic story that can be spoiled.
Doom 1 end
Ultimate Doom end.

This article nails it

I always thought that, there is more smarts in Doom than what people seem to concede it (as it’s considered the prototypical run & gun game, just about “shotgun & demons” as the very same Carmack said). In fact that’s why the game has a long standing appeal, and why I always felt bored with what people consider Doom-like games like RoTT, Serious Sam and Painkiller.

The use of stunning enemies with certain weapons to interrupt them, knowing what priority have each monster in a combined encounter, knowing when it’s better to use open areas to circle some enemies and when it’s better a closed area to use the corners to your advantage, using the enemy infighting to your advantage, and in definitive knowing well your weapons and the good bestiary of enemies (who can hitscan you, who have shots that can be avoided, who are dangerous in specific situations, etc), all are small touches but together they produce a better game than you may think.

And of course add a good scenario design. As the article mentions, you fight an intelligence in Doom: not the basic monster AI, but the intelligence of the mission designer, who knows to put Lost Souls and lots of Imps in open spaces to evoke a specific gameplay, Cacodemons in areas with chasms to throw you, pinkies to distract you while the weak shotgun commandos and chaingunners rip you apart, etc.

There is more in Doom that just running at high speed.

Same here :(

Great article TurinTur, I thoroughly agree. The original Doom series haven’t been surpassed yet in single player or cooperative play for a twitch FPS. It remains my favorite coop shooter to play. If you can ever get a bunch of friends to take on some of the harder wads in coop using survival mod (usually 3 lives per player per map) it’s a blast. For me, Doom remain at least an order of magnitude ahead of other twitch games in single/coop. More recent mapping efforts like the mentioned Deus Vult 2 push the design even farther than the original id maps ever did. I’m just hoping someday there’s a more modern game which can live up to or exceed it.

Remember you couldn’t look up or down in the original DOOM engine-- there was no Z axis; it was essentially a 2D game displayed in pseudo-3D. With no Z axis you couldn’t do things like multi-level maps, since a player could only stand in one spot. It was far too limited, IMO. Not to pooh-pooh DOOM, it was a world-changing amazing game and I played the hell out of it, but saying that nothing created since has approached it is a bit much.

People are talking about the gameplay experience rather than the technical features.

Of course, and there’s no “wrong” answer to something so subjective. I was just explaining one reason why (to me) DOOM doesn’t hold up as well as something like Quakeworld.

Quake I was great, of course. :)