Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth Returns

I’m surprised at how often I’m dying because of falling lava. Yes, the game takes some health away and puts you somewhere “safe”, but when that safe place is usually full of dangerous enemies that I jump away from, I usually end up back in the lava repeatedly until I die.

The Marauder.

Fucking hell.

Finished the game a few days ago and started a new one. Going slower, slightly different build, using the regular grenade instead of the cold one, and exploring more. The platforming is definitely easier, that lava section at the end of Exultia took me a good dozen efforts the first time, got it on one try this second time.

Yeah, I did some button remapping and found it a little less annoying.

This game provides such a good time, I’ve been having an absolute ball with it for days on end. And whenever I have to finally tear myself away from it I’m always left wanting more.

First of all, I think I need to mention that I want my fucking dog. Where’s my dog? Doomguy and his former buddies, the Night Sentinals, had dogs (and loved them so much they put statues of them everywhere), and even the corrupted Night Sentinels (A.K.A. Marauders) still have their dogs. But where’s my dog, god dammit? Sure, I get to follow one green dog whenever I visit Exultia, but until I can recruit him and team up I won’t be satisfied.

We better get dog companions in the DLC.

As for the rest of the game, I love the artwork and look of all the Argent locations. The look of the fading white brick with platinum/silver inlay everywhere, and the overall architecture and design is very reminiscent of several D3 maps released since Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. I just love the look. The rest of the game looks good too, well, except for Earth, it just looks like any other junky setting in a video game, but so far the Argent maps are my favorite (with the science & space labs being my second favorite, because those and hell are always what what really make me feel like I’m playing an actual DOOM game).

Anyway, I’ve spent the last couple days replaying all the earlier maps, making sure to 100% them and unlock all the upgrades on my Castle DOOMship as much as I can, because I’m about to start map 10 and the game is telling me there won’t be any coming back for them after doing so.

The Marauders don’t bug me as much as they first did, as long as I have room to actually fight them. The biggest problem I had with the first encounter was the feeling that I just couldn’t get away from the fucking thing, but like all things DOOM Eternal, persistence, repetition, and muscle memory made the best practice for me. They still kill me, but not 100 times in a row any more, and usually when I just don’t expect them. When I have room to get away from them they become much more manageable.

Anyway, these are just my scattered random thoughts.

I can’t really afford this game yet. But from what I’m reading, I should fire up Doom 2016 again.

You totally should, it’s a blast! Play on Ultraviolence, don’t be a wuss like I was to start with, it’s epic and it forces you to use a wider selection of weapons and abilities to survive, which I hear is turned up to 11 in Eternal. You will die at times, for sure, but it’s a “damn, I know I can do this” kind of death, not a “fuck this shit” kind of death.

I know a box quote when I read one. :smile:

Ha ha, you’re reading Doom lore!

I didn’t realize those were dogs the marauders summoned. I thought they were some kind of orange ghost panthers.

That’s actually not correct. You can definitely go back. It’s just that you have to play through that last bit all in one whack before going back to Castle Mission Select.

Does anyone know whether there’s any incentive to play master levels? Actually, what even are master levels? I accidentally jumped into one but then discovered I was just replaying a previous mission, so I was all, like, “never mind” and then I quit out and went back into the regular game progression.


That is my thought too. I’m kinda hooked on Kingdom Rush right now but plan to play Doom 2016.

No incentive other than the pleasure of playing them. As you say they are literally the same old levels following the same plot beats. The only difference is you’ll be fighting a tougher menagerie of enemies and a lot more of them. I don’t think you’re intended to play these without having beaten the game.

Not quite sure why they didn’t just go the whole hog on this one and make it into a New Game+ sorta deal.

I am one measly Praetor suit point away from finding all collectibles and unlockables. Unfortunately this one last secret is somewhere in the Urdak map, and I can’t load that map because the game crashes when I try. I finished the map perfectly fine on my first attempt a few days ago (when I initially completed the campaign), but now this particular map won’t load at all for subsequent replays. So until this is patched I guess I’ll have to settle for 99.999% completion.

Except for this issue the game has been a blast. I have no interest in the asymmetric multiplayer, which is too bad because I like a lot of the costumes and weapon skins I’ve unlocked, so I guess now I’m just waiting for more master levels and future expansions/DLC.

I’ve been making excuses to go through all the maps again on harder difficulties, but as soon as I hit any map with a Marauder I just get obliterated on anything tougher than Nightmare. I guess this is why the cheat codes exist, but because I can’t just toggle them on and off for this one mob I’m not interested in using them. I do fine against them on Ultra Violence, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. If I were playing on PC I don’t think I’d have this much of an issue because I would be able to keep him stun-locked, but you can’t switch to all the weapons fast enough on Xbox to make that viable.

Just use the lock-on rocket launcher. Lock him in, then wait for your opening and fire off 2 bursts without pause. Gibs him every time.

I had to stop doing that early on because he’s pretty good about closing the gap between us and I kept blowing myself up. Now that I’m a lot more comfortable with his move set I should try again, and I should have less of a problem predicting and reacting to what he’s doing and where he’s going.

Is the general consensus here that this is an improvement over Doom 2016?

Sounds a bit more like great shooting bogged down by too many upgrades & collectibles. I’ll bite when it’s cheaper I think.

I don’t agree with this sentiment. It’s not like there are tons more stuff going on here than the previous game. You have more things to get excited about when you take the time to explore (like, not just toys but now also records and cheat codes), but it’s still Suit upgrades, Weapon Mods, and Runes. Bogged down is something this game is certainly not. It might be too fast, sometimes.

Is that stuff skippable, say on easier difficulties? Or crucial for cool upgrades?

I still haven’t finished the second level yet. This starts off much harder on Ultra-Violence than Doom 2016, I think. One big, big change is that you have to use the chainsaw to get ammo in this one. I never had to do that on Ultra-Violence in Doom 2016.

It’s skippable on easy difficulties (or even harder ones, I guess). It’s not like they make you do more damage or anything, and there are plenty of suit upgrade points, weapon upgrade points (earned through gameplay anyway now), runes and the like that you’ll get most of the stuff you really want anyway, casually. Exploration would be important for completionists, but not otherwise required.