Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth Returns

I loved Doom 2016 and Eternal looks even better. My only real complaint with Doom 2016 is I found the bosses too hard on Normal difficulty and too easy on Easy difficulty, but that’s a me problem.

I think the problem is how binary it makes the combat, or your are doing it well and as you kill enemies you recover health so you always maintain that pattern, or you reach HP 0 and you die. The game flip flops between being perfect and being dead.
There are less occasions where you are simply fighting carefully for a while because you have 35 hp.

This guy has played it. He says the combat arenas are there, but this time they feel a bit different because most monsters are already ‘spawned’ in there. It also feels harder than before, maybe to compensate the new ‘1up’ powerup you collect.

Good video except for his vocal fry and use of visually stunning.

He didn’t actually say “visually stunning” though, just stunning! We can allow that. (can’t we?)

I like this guy’s takes on FPS games, so this all sounds great to me. As someone who thought the 2016 version’s arenas / gore nests / glory kill mechanics were great ways of keeping the combat moving and interesting, I look forward to how they’ve improved the formula. I should get back and finish the 2016 version though, I was playing on Ultraviolence and it was getting pretty tough!

This has not been my experience at all. When you’re HP is low, you have to play carefully and you have to wait for that opening where you can glory kill a demon to up your health. Those have been some of my most tense moments in Doom: dodging enemies, moving frantically, firing at range, hoping not to get hit by anything – then pouncing when a demon staggers and ripping it apart.

Watching that, I think the Battlemode still will be forgotten in a few months. But… what they should do is Left 4 Dead coop clone as multiplayer mode, they already have the versus system implemented, even.

That’s gonna be my decision to buy it or not. Either I can play it with my son, or not at all. Coop is so cool, every game should have it.

Man I’ve always considered myself as someone who’s good at exploration in games but Doom is proving me wrong with every new mission I enter.

Whoever put in the Mission Select mode and tied it to the persistent progress system is the real MVP, I was ready to write the game off until I tried this mode but now I’m all in.

I’m on a rollercoaster with this game. I remember the first one got a bit boring toward the end, and then the PC Gamer preview acknowledges that and claims the sequel fixes that problem.

It will probably depend on my mood when it comes out.

Good video explaining battlemode.

For the slayer, it looks like single player mode, which is plus in my book. And being demons seems interesting. The only thing that turned me off was that at the very end they said they would release more playable demons after release. The way the rest of the video went, it seemed each demon was nicely balanced, you’d think they’d have all the demon combinations balanced and ready to go for launch, not release more demons later.

L4D had Versus mode, where you could play as the Infected vs the Survivors. I’ll likely play Battlemode just as often, ie: not at all. It’s almost never fun to play as a 1-trick-pony monster.

I’d vastly prefer they had implemented a co-op PvE option. Alas…

Heh. When playing with friends, I thought the only fun mode in L4D was the Versus mode where I got to play as the monsters. I hated the controls for the human players, so I never enjoyed coop mode in that game, but I played it so that my friends could have fun.

Hey, glad you enjoyed it. I’m not the arbiter of fun. :) Wasn’t for me though.

It has standard FPS controls. Did you play on a console? I can’t vouch for console play.

Yes, I played on console. We were all on the 360. I also played the PC version, which had better controls for sure. But it still bothered me, for instance, that I couldn’t aim down the sights with the assault rifle and pistol, only with the sniper rifle. Of course, on the PC, that wasn’t as big a deal. You don’t need the accuracy of aiming down the sights since the mouse is already so accurate.

Versus L4D was awesome! Survivor L4D was awesome. Battlemode looks like a really cool way of making PvP feel more like PvE which I think will go much further in attracting more single-player oriented Doom players than traditional deathmatch.

Hi, Doomslayer here and I’m very excited for this release. Agree on the new 1v2 Battlemode which really sounds awesome. Also looking forward to the new arsenals especially the Ballista and Crucible.