Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth Returns

L4D had Versus mode, where you could play as the Infected vs the Survivors. I’ll likely play Battlemode just as often, ie: not at all. It’s almost never fun to play as a 1-trick-pony monster.

I’d vastly prefer they had implemented a co-op PvE option. Alas…

Heh. When playing with friends, I thought the only fun mode in L4D was the Versus mode where I got to play as the monsters. I hated the controls for the human players, so I never enjoyed coop mode in that game, but I played it so that my friends could have fun.

Hey, glad you enjoyed it. I’m not the arbiter of fun. :) Wasn’t for me though.

It has standard FPS controls. Did you play on a console? I can’t vouch for console play.

Yes, I played on console. We were all on the 360. I also played the PC version, which had better controls for sure. But it still bothered me, for instance, that I couldn’t aim down the sights with the assault rifle and pistol, only with the sniper rifle. Of course, on the PC, that wasn’t as big a deal. You don’t need the accuracy of aiming down the sights since the mouse is already so accurate.

Versus L4D was awesome! Survivor L4D was awesome. Battlemode looks like a really cool way of making PvP feel more like PvE which I think will go much further in attracting more single-player oriented Doom players than traditional deathmatch.

Hi, Doomslayer here and I’m very excited for this release. Agree on the new 1v2 Battlemode which really sounds awesome. Also looking forward to the new arsenals especially the Ballista and Crucible.


Delayed to March 2020.

But… All platforms get a version of Doom 64 as a pre-order incentive.

Noooooo. Early 2020 is getting way too overcrowded.

Was this a typo? You really mean Doom 64? As in the N64 port of Doom?

Yes. Doom 64.

Yes, though it isn’t a port which is what makes this interesting. It was a completely new game set in the Doom universe. The Switch release this fall is the first official release outside of the N64.

The “Doom universe” is not exactly Elder Scrolls or Middle Earth in the rich tapestry of lore kind of sense.

Sure, it was more meant to point out that these were new levels to splatter demon viscera across as opposed to the ports of the original PC levels that every other console was receiving.

Kind of a disappointment but kind of a relief. The end of the year has plenty of stuff to play already.

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This was the only game I’ve been waiting for. 😥 I HATE YOU!

I’m pleased. My PC Update was going to be rough as there were several games I had to skip to prioritize over other games as the year ended, and now that’s one less game to deal with. I’m going to be annoyed when it comes out with other stuff in March 2020 of course, but that’s the same deal I was facing in November, all that’s changing is the game will be more polished (presumably) and I’ll have more time to save up.

Oh no, we’re doomed!


Not until March