Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth Returns

Kind of a disappointment but kind of a relief. The end of the year has plenty of stuff to play already.

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This was the only game I’ve been waiting for. 😥 I HATE YOU!

I’m pleased. My PC Update was going to be rough as there were several games I had to skip to prioritize over other games as the year ended, and now that’s one less game to deal with. I’m going to be annoyed when it comes out with other stuff in March 2020 of course, but that’s the same deal I was facing in November, all that’s changing is the game will be more polished (presumably) and I’ll have more time to save up.

Oh no, we’re doomed!


Not until March

Yes! I’m so excit- what? /checks notes. FUCK.

Aw, you made me sad again. Fixed :P

LOL good plan, though I mostly came here to point out today was the day, originally. Honestly, between Planetfall and Battltech DLC, Pokemon and Star Wars Jedi, I have plenty on my gaming plate, so it’s probably for the best it comes out later, and more polished, than today.

I’m kind of relieved about this delay! So much other stuff I’m playing now anyway, and want to play.

::wallet heaves a sigh of relief::

Petition to change thread title to Raze Hell.

Bot just day one for me, I plan on pre-ordering the deluxe digital edition.

Too much talking in this trailer.

The actual trailer starts at 1:16.

Doom Guy looks like he stepped out of a Gears of War game, with his stumpy legs and massive biceps.

Didn’t play the 2016 one? You should.

I totally did, loved that game. I don’t recall Doom Guy looking quite that roided up.

Seems like a lot more plot in this one, what with heaven and angels etc.

Yea, if it turns out even 1/10th as storied up as the shitty Wolfenstein New Order series of games (Old Blood was good, everything else is rancid garbage) they’ll have completely ruined this game too.

Hopefully it’ll be all about the gameplay, like Doom 2016, the best single player first person shooter in four hundred years.