Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth Returns

I didn’t play Stalker until after FC2 but I’d agree it’s undoubtedly a better, more interesting game. Truly felt like it was alive and you were just another soul passing through. I never finished it and now I find it too rough around the edges to enjoy. Fingers crossed Stalker 2 is a true successor.

I couldn’t get out of the opening area of Stalker for a few years. I thought the little radiation zones kept you from leaving. That game was way too hard. Lots of dying and reloading a save. Far Cry 2 was kind of the opposite of that. Always in the world, never reloading saves, always moving forward. I guess I could see things being different if I was better at Stalker, but I just don’t like that style of replaying the same section of a game over and over and over and over.

Funny, but I had the same problem with Doom Eternal.

FC2 had a 360(?) version. Stalker was PC title through and through.

I’m sure their “appropriate venue” will not be public. Sorry, Bethesda. Mick Gordon showed us his docs. Until I see yours, I’m believing him.

What a pathetic response, on several levels.

All those tears about “harassment and threats of violence” yet Stratton is the asshole who incited those against Gordon in the first place. Didn’t see much concern then.

Considering that Marty’s attack on Reddit two years ago was public and damaged Mick’s career to start with, and Mick was just defending himself, this response from Bethesda today is bullshit.

Man, I really don’t like the “we stand ready” rhetoric there. Vaguely threatening without providing any proof, the exact opposite of Mick’s response.

And as others have pointed out, it’s a shitty statement after they seemingly fought so hard to keep Stratton’s original Reddit post up and were happy to let people run wild with accusations and threats for years.

I really need to lower the difficulty and give Doom Eternal another try. Maybe they just balanced it too hard compared to Doom 2016 and it’s not me. Or maybe it is me and I still need to lower the difficulty anyway.

So … Heretic?

Space will always be cooler than old for me - I never finished any of the Heretic or Hexen games in large part due to the aesthetic. That said, that was forever ago, and I thought the gothic look and feel in parts of Eternal were very cool. So I’m looking forward to ripping and tearing once more, even if I do need to set aside my power amore in favour of a loincloth.

No Mick Gordon tho. (╥﹏╥)

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