Doom Patrol (tv)

Eh, I’m not seeing a thread on this, so I’m starting one. Anyone else digging this? I think it’s very enjoyable. It closely follows Grant Morrison’s surreal take on the team and it has some nice characterization, bits of witty dialogue and great acting. The fx are pretty good too.

I was very pleased to see this coming out, I’ve been a fan of the Doom Patrol since I was a small boy in the mid 60s when I caught imported (to the UK) snippets of the first self-contained story (yes I’m that old), and I loved Morrison’s re-visioning in the 90s.

The Doom Patrol was part of a very imaginative period DC had, when they invented some quite whacky characters and teams (Metamorpho, Elongated Man, Metal Men, etc.).

This is a bit of a derail but how is the DC Universe as a service?

I’m intrigued because I’ve always been a fan of the Vertigo stuff - would be interested in trying this out if the comic side is comparable to Marvel Unlimited

It’s being talked about over in the Titans thread. I haven’t gotten around to trying the DC service yet, but I’m sure I’ll pick it up for a month at some point and bing whatever they have available at that point.

Yeah it had a backdoor pilot on Titans so its been discussed there for a while now. It’s pretty decent and has Alan Tudyk chewing major scenery as the main villain. It also has Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton and Matt Bomer ( best known from White Collar ), so they have a pretty experienced cast. I think DC is off to a good start with their TV properties as Titans was pretty good as well.

My lord this show is wonderfully weird. I’m liking it more than Titans, which I liked a lot. Was great to see Mark Sheppard (of Supernatural fame) joining the show this week. His chaos magic stuff was super cool.

I wish more of you were watching this. Such an amazing show! DCU should give away some episodes for free to build the audience.

Oh, I will be. Just like every other stupid streaming service…when the show is done (or at least has a decent backlog) and I can do just a single month’s subscription to watch the whole thing.

I can’t believe they made a show out of this!

I had the same reaction when I heard they were making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Hope this is a hit.

As a kid I was a big fan of the Metal Men comics. I’d love to see them in a movie.

Edit: Well, what do you know?

Seven years later, nothing.

The narrator/villain shtick is pretty great. “Does this mean I have to comb through flashbacks? Ugh…”

Just watched the first episode of this. Not at ALL what I was expecting.

Wait… DC has their own streaming service? Wouldn’t that be like 10 hours of programming outside of the old cartoons?

I’ve been watching this on Hbomax. So yes, yet another service, but in case you already have it.

Yes they do and they have handled it about as well as they have handled the DC cinematic universe. Which is to say poorly. Its a pity because their shows seem to be decent. I’ve liked the new Titans series. Doom Patrol is bat-shit crazy in a good way. But the fumbled badly with Swamp Thing by prematurely cancelling it and now they have shared Doom Patrol with HBO Max, which seems to undercut their own service.

They should just hoover up some of the mad money AT&T is willing to throw at HBO Max for content and not worry about their own streaming service.

New episodes are premiering on DCU and then airing next day on HBO Max. DCU is not amazing, but all of their original content is very high quality (Titans, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, and even their reboots of animated series like Young Justice). Stargirl just started but I haven’t checked it out yet.

I know that. That is why I said it seems to undercut their service. I guess I should have worded it at “they have shared it with HBO Max”. I will clarify that on my post. Anyway, my point was that giving up exclusivity seems to undercut their own streaming service. And I agree that the shows they have made for DCU have been high quality. But my point wasn’t that the shows were not good (in fact, I stated that they were ) it was that the service is being run poorly. ( in fact, it is )

So, just having seen the first episode, I’m confused: who is Alan Tudyk? My impression from what little I know of DC “history” was that the Doom Patrol were henchmen of Brainiac, but I could be misremembering that.

It becomes clear who Alan Tudyk is. Lets just say that he is the primary bad guy. The series will fill in the rest.

I guess I am thinking of Legion of Doom.

But I’ve never heard of Mr. Nobody. Is he an established DC villain?