Doom RPG

Yeah, I play cell phone games. I’m lame.

Anyhow, it looks, sounds and feels like DOOM to me, if DOOM were turn-based.

One nice thing they did is that if a baddie is two squares off and you skip a turn, the baddie always steps in front of you. The nice thing about that is that since turning right/left doesn’t use a turn, you save a button-push, and can fire away.

Also not taking up a turn is weapon-switching, although since certain beasts always get the first attack on you it’s still useful to have the right weapon ready (or the dog).

The dog is of course the best weapon, especially if you can capture a demon wolf. A demon wolf with 99 health goes a long way. The animation is goofy as hell when he attacks, but when you slash a Pinky into red mist with your dog, it’s rewarding.

Now an odd thing about the experience/benefits is that you do more damage with attacks. That’s not odd for an RPG, but it is odd to consider that the BFG is now doing more damage because you have a higher skill rating; how exactly does that work? That’s even more bizarre when you engage the Berzerker mod. It makes sense that chopping things with the axe would do more damage while Berzerker, but why would my shotgun suddenly do 184 points of damage? I waxed the cyberdemon in the end in one shot – a 374-point Berzerkified BFG blast. I admit I was expecting a bit more of a challenge from the beast.

Addictive as hell, though.

There’s a lot of goofy in-jokes in the game for the geek inclined (or even not-so-geek-inclined). I enjoyed them, but I admit that I’m easily humored…

Any links to anywhere that has screenshots, photos, or anything else with more details?

There is one for the PC. The PCZONE UK magazine has a review on it and on its cover dvd it has the mod. I haven’t installed it.

Are you talking about DungeonDoom? Because DoomRPG is different from that. DungeonDoom is a rogue-like mod written by some fan, DoomRPG is written by John Carmack.

All Carmack did was write the proof of concept, another company did the development of the full game.

That company was the one that his wife owns, and besides writing the proof of concept and the basic game design, he was also the producer on the project.

alright, if you want to have a pissing match, he was only the producer on one version of the project. your turn.

Wow, familiars as well as leveling. It really is an RPG. :)

It does make sense. Better players will do more damage in Doom with the BFG than worse players will, even once you get past simple hit and miss, because it casts multiple damage rays. Same with the shotgun. And some weapons don’t work that way in Doom, but would in real life: someone with more zombie fighting experience would take down a zombie in fewer hits than someone with no zombie fighting experience.

Hey, guess what? This is now available as a PC port thanks to some dedicated folks!

Get it while you can!

Niiiiice thread necro. 16 years old. Holy hell, this necro is old enough to drive.

I… am not sure I want to relive this experience. It was cool back then, when BREW was the new hotness on cell phones. :)

I don’t know why gamespy of all sites has been preserved like a walled up Burger King, but I’m glad it has.

Designed for such a small screen so I wonder if it needs upscaling of some kind to make it bearable on PC screens though hopefully not upscaling as ugly as some of the mods I’ve seen for Daggerfall Unity lol