Doom: The Dark Ages - Doom guy has a shield

Looks metal as fuck, tho not quite as medieval as I was expecting.

To be fair, my history knowledge is poor, so maybe shrapnel skullguns were all the rage back in the day.

When the Doomguy jaeger appeared I just started laughing. After 2016 and especially Eternal, I’m very excited.

Nice analysis. You have me more excited than the trailer.

Of note, this is also coming to PS5.

I’ll be a little sad if it reverts entirely to classic Doom/Serious Sam ‘strafe and shoot’ gameplay, which is what I largely associate with such large empty arenas. I loved Eternal’s combat loop. Which isn’t to say I don’t want to see them change it up again, or weave in cool bits like mowing down hordes of trash enemies with skullguns. But playing Eternal felt unlike anything else, a power fantasy balanced delicately on a razor edge of utter failure with only your skill keeping things from teetering over. I hope they maintain that sensation.

That said, I also hope they learn from things Eternal got wrong and avoid too much… (sigh) storyline.

It’s of course super hard to make any judgement of a teaser. I also noticed there were zero moments of Doomguy opening a blinking monster with this fits or with the chainsaw to pick resources, like in Doom 16/Eternal. Does that mean they changed that… or does it mean they didn’t include it because of course that’s maintained being a key pillar of nu-Doom so there was no need to show it?

At least the timed parry with the shield, as seen here
(seems the typical nullify all damage if you parry in the exact time)

is something that imo feels very nu-Doom.

Yeah, it looks more post-apocalyptic than medieval.

I’m not jazzed about the shield negating damage. That seems antithetical to Doom.

That said, the gun that grinds up skulls and shoots the shards out is Doom as fuck.


Not to mention the shield has a chainsaw like blade, and can be thrown at enemies.


Trailer didn’t hit me as much as I’d hoped at first but I feel like I’ve not stopped thinking about it all day today.

As someone who still plays and thoroughly enjoys the original Doom games, I’m quite happy to hand my expectations for what is or isn’t Doom over to id and trust whatever they think is going to be fun as shit to do. A chainsaw shield and a gun that crushes skulls and uses the bone shards as projectiles is a pretty decent start.

Nice. That looks really fun. Glad we got the concept tested in a prototype there. :)

Looks like someone uttered the phase:

“Doom guy should get medieval on their asses”

And then a game was made.

“At the start of every development cycle, I play the original Doom again, and have the team play it too. I realized that we still didn’t hit the mark” says creative director Hugo Martin. And that is where Doom: The Dark Ages was born.

“I noticed right away how slow those projectiles move – it just dawned on me that that is the maze. The movement is more horizontal as you weave your way between the projectiles, and every projectile mattered in the original Doom.”

“It means you’re more powerful and grounded. The combat system for new players – those who only got into Doom with the reboot – I think with The Dark Ages they are going to feel like this is a reimagined combat system. But for long-time fans of the series, people who played the original Doom, you’ll see it’s really a return to form.”

I’m smart! S-M-O-R-T!

Glad they are dialing back a bit the Doom Eternal-isms and going more for a classic style. Then again I don’t know if Hugo is just playing lip service to Gamesradar with that tale, or if he really had to play again Classic Doom to notice it actually plays very different to the newer Dooms.

I hope so too. I’m one of the goobers that hated how much platforming and chain-grappling Eternal had.

I dug Eternal, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone with shooters and made me adapt to changing up playstyle and weaponry almost constantly, it felt like. I was always on the back foot in that game, but it was fun being pushed like that. Still, hearing them going back to original Doom style of play does also speak to me. Really curious how it will turn out. So we don’t have a date for this one right, just sometime in 2025?

Honestly that sounds great to me.

One thing that Eternal did understand is flow. When you find yourself in that rhythmic dance of firing projectiles, leaping between glory kills and chainsaw replenishments, alternating weapons on the fly… it’s amazing.

OG Doom is the same. Massively less complex of course, but the same basic thing. Navigating your way through these labyrinths while dodging enemy fire and projectiles, balancing your weapons and ammo… it’s the same dance, really. I’m super excited to see how they thread the needle there between new and old.

I commented at the release of Doom 2016 that if their system was “push forward” then Serious Sam was “walk backwards” and the original Doom was “step sideways.”

Surely it didn’t take them 8 years to notice this. But either way I’m down for it. Maneuvering is one of the joys of videogames.