Well, they’ve had a round or two of casting for Doom here in Prague. I just wondered what you guys had heard about it…this being a gaming site and all…


I read today that Karl “Eomer” Urban is playing the good guy… and the Rock is playing the bad guy (which should be awesome).

You mean Mr Cyber “THE ROCKET” Demon?


Great to hear from you man. Hope all is well in Prague. Have a Thai massage on Tom.

Uh…no…I don’t know anything about the Doom movie, other than it will be unbelievable dark (it’s being filmed in a black light) and everybody will be so bored they’ll leave after five minutes.

But that girl who’s in it…man I would so do her.

Hope you’re well.


[size=1]P.S. 100[/size]

You should see if you can get a part as an extra, like “Monster Closet Zombie #178”.

If the pacing is something like Terminator 3, it’ll work.

Hey Amanpour good to hear from you!

I’m tentatively planning on being back in February for the family reunion and seeing if I can stick around for part of pilot season, and I’ll definitely be joining the festivities at Shoot Club when I do.

I don’t think I’ll be getting anything in Doom as I’m not really built like a brick shithouse soldier…oh well. I didn’t get anything in Polansky’s Oliver Twist either, which is shooting now . That would have been cool. I did have a callback for the new Queen Latifa movie today, so we’ll see about that…but I saw “bringing down the house” last night and…I’m not SO excited about it any more.(but it’d be great to have a nice part with lines in many different scenes).

Re the thai massage: I went there to get one for my girlfriend and they aren’t there anymore…they’re probably all at Tom’s place asking for money.


Dude, gross. How about maybe, with Tom in the next room?