Trailer is out:


Chrysler atlantic

That’s not Doom. I didn’t see a single monster closet!!!

That’s about what I expected.


They really copied the look of the space station well.

That’s the most apathetic Preview Announcer Guy Voice I’ve ever heard.

It seems like it’s going on the right track.

The right track to movie hell.
Resident Evil on Mars

Maybe for the opening they can let Gir sing the doom song.

God, what an ordeal. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the tedious Doom3 and it was struggle to get through the trailer. What’s next? A movie based on Tetris?

Around every corner.

Behind every door.



Couldn’t they have included a - “In every closet”

This clearly is an unfaithful Doom movie. They have flashlights attached to their guns!!!

I kinda like the rock. I think this movie will suck but I will prolly see it anyways cause I think the rock is cool.

They got the sewer level in.

I think The Rock showed a lot of potential as an action movie star in The Rundown, but his choices of films since then have been suspect.

If there’s not a scene with The Rock busting open a crate to find medical supplies or shooting an exploding barrel, this movie is going to f’ing SUCK.

The Rock better at least have to find the Red Key to move his crew onto the next area of the station.

Or wallstrafing at 50 miles an hour.

Well the BFG is apparently in the movie.

This film will suck, no matter what.