Doom3 ready

Apparently it’s done.

I’ll be waiting for more sources to appear, but if it is, then good. I can finish this off while waiting for Half Life 2 and Stalker to be done.

It’s an ad for… how they’re going to advertise Doom 3? In an industry marketing magazine? With the Diablo font?

Quick question for any marketing types: Do you assholes ever do anything useful?

It’s a retailer’s sheet, which isn’t the same as an ad for the public. And I don’t think it necessarily means the game is gold.


The game is finished, the message board where I found that other thing just had the editor (it’s a games mag forum) come in and say they’re reviewing it next issue (Should be out in August). He wouln’t say more than that. (NDA’s etc etc)

did blizzard create the avalon quest font or has it been around forever?

Isn’t is against some guidelines somewhere to review finished games?

Heh. Sorry, just being a dick. :)

I hope it’s finished. I want this game more than any other I can think of in the last couple of years.

…cue the detractors! :P

Since when did the fact that a magazine is reviewing a game mean that it’s finished?

EDIT: Someone else already made this joke, sorry.

I don’t know whether or not it’s actually finished, but they are starting print advertising campaigns in September issues (or I should say, I know of at least one magazine getting a DOOM 3 print ad in its September issue).

And now for the struggle:

Do I pick up the “the way God intended” PC version, despite the fact that my home computer (a measly P3/933 with an original Radeon 64DDR) is nowhere up to task? (I can still play it at work.)

Or do I suck it up and play the XBox version and enjoy the co-op?

Decisions, decisions.

Or do I suck it up and play the XBox version and enjoy the co-op?

The fact that teh co-op is only playable over Live made my decision for me. I fit had been playable split screen I probably would have bought both versions. As it is I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed some modders pick up the ball and do co-op!

Good god, get the XBox version, unless you enjoy 640x480 resolution on a computer monitor.

Then get a TV card, and plug your Xbox into your screen, then get some adapters and convert your keyboard and mouse to plug into your Xbox… and you can play on both!

As opposed to the 640x480 resolution on a TV that the XBox version will feature? :-)

I got a demo of the XBox version at E3. Color me not impressed. The XBox’s graphics chips just don’t have the horsepower to make DOOM3 look like a next-generation shooter. And since there wasn’t much in the way of innovative gameplay, it just wasn’t that impressive. I might still pick it up for the co-op, but I’ll be getting the PC version first. At least that one has the impressive eye candy.

Anyone willing to speculate on what copy protection method Doom 3 will have? What’s the most difficult one to currently bypass?

How many copies of the PC version would Doom 3 need to sell to break the all time record for number of copies sold in the first week?

‘Hardest’ copy protection? Probably Starforce (check the D-Day thread) . Will they use it? I doubt it.

To break the number of copies sold. I’ve got no idea… I doubt they’d do it though…

I call shennanigans until I hear it from id or Activision. Like others have said it’s a trade ad and not a Gone Gold announcment. They place those ads months in advance.

I’m 99.9% sure it’s done seeing as the editor of a magazine is reviewing it now… so you can call shennanigans all day long if you like :D

As others have said, review copies are not always final and unless you are willing to post a real name or magazine it’s all hearsay.

Does someone really need to mention Driv3r as evidence? Apparently so.