Doom3: They never tested the uninstaller

And here I was thinking that it maybe formated your hard drive if you didn’t install it to the default directory. whew.

Making games is hard or something.

Who wants to work on the installer?

Noibody does, that’s why software companies follow the time tested tradition of having some half-stoned intern do it.

I think a better question is, who would ever want to uninstall the gaming masterpiece that is Doom3?

A “true masterpeice of the artform”

Uninstalling Doom 3 was a stunning achievement that made me feel privileged to be someone who uninstalled games.

Only half-stoned? Man, interns can’t finish anything.

Paradoxically, then, it can become the last uninstaller you’d need to use for weeks, months…who knows? Am I right?

[size=1]No offense meant to Mr. Kasavin. Just having some fun at his expense.[/size]

Someone forgot the @ symbol.

I found PRODUCT_NAME pretty disappointing but I haven’t gotten around to uninstalling it yet. And yes, I thought this was going to be a “Doom 3 uninstall wipes your HD and steals your kittens!” thread, too.

I thought you were going to comment about the penis on the monster.

Looks a little more camel-toe to me.

PRODUCT_NAME must have been the working title before the brain trust decided what to call the sequel to Doom and Doom II.

“Congratulations! You appear, to have uninstalled, a valid copy of Doom 3!”

PRODUCT_NAME would be an entry in the poperties table in the MSI. Or, at least an attempted reference.

Thanks to this friendly reminder topic I uninstalled my long untouched copy of PRODUCT_NAME this very night.

Me too. And I didn’t play this version any longer then the demo.