Doom's multiplayer on life-support. May not be doomed after all.

With Update 6.66 (get it?) the developers hope they can turn the general opinion around on Doom’s multiplayer.

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I recently began playing the single player campaign, and it is indeed fantastic. Not Titanfall 2 fantastic, but fairly close. Glad to see they’re doing this.

Doom fuckin’ sucked in my opinion. I was bored to tears. I do not get the love for the SP in this game. I was out after the third boring-ass jump from one platform to the next then find the yellow key puzzle.

Titanfall 2 SP on the other hand, was really quite good.

That sucks man, I’ve found it rather batshit and enjoyable so far.

35GB update on Steam by the way.

Jiminy Christmas!

Lede was a bit buried, I think you should have opened with the win in the first para:

This collection of online-mode maps and weapons previously cost as much as $39.99 and rarely received markdowns during Steam’s holiday sales, but starting today, it’s a free add-on.

Same here, I never completed the SP and have been playing through it just recently and having a blast, although I’ll admit to being a little annoyed at wasting 35GB of bandwidth on nothing more than an MP update given I’ve no interest in MP in this game.

Instead of waiting for random cosmetic unlocks in the old system, players need to achieve clearly defined milestones to unlock specific items.

Weird. I believe Team Fortress 2 made the same change but in reverse.

The update may burn a bunch of bandwidth but it appears to have knocked approximately 13 GB off the installed size (which went from 85 GB, comfortably the largest installed game in my entire collection, to 72 GB, which is now slightly smaller than GTA V).

Given that the multiplayer DLC was so expensive and they’ve just given it away to everyone, have they announced any form of compensation for purchasers? I wasn’t one of them, don’t get me wrong. Just curious.

I doubt that this new update will fix my issue with DOOM multiplayer, which was the lack of reaction when someone gets shot. It takes away the sense of satisfaction you feel in the single player. Shoot someone with a sniper shot, and even if it doesn’t kill them, they get pushed back and stunned, and the resulting “oomph” it creates is very satisfying. Shoot someone with a sniper shot in multiplayer, and there’s no reaction. They turn towards and shoot back. Doom’s single player is built on those visceral moments of pushing, tearing apart, maiming enemies in a satisfying way. You can’t do that to other players in multiplayer, because if you’re on the receiving end of that, it will feel very unfair.

Played MP a bit last night. It’s still basically the same as before, which is fine. It was nice (on PC) to see a lively pool of players, some obviously very new, but it’s just not that engaging to me. It’s not as fast or as twitchy as a pure arena shooter, but it’s also not as slow or have the variety of abilities as something like modern CoD or Halo. It’s just kind of a blah in-between thing. The loadout scheme is still garbage.

I never got the season pass, (thank God!) but from what I can tell, the only thing those folks got is an icon next to their names in the MP lists. Woo!

I’m not at all interested in the Doom MP, nor Quake Champions for that matter.

Frankly, as much as I loved the SP game, I’d had enough by the time the game ended.

What I want from Doom is co-op!

Ooh, and $15 bucks for the whole thing this weekend? Looks like I’m rebuying Doom!

Yeah me neither. Have no idea how everyone was calling it GotY.

I got bored 10 minutes in. Enemy attacks are mostly too fast to dodge, but that’s okay because you just glory kill everything for health. You can only hold 20 shots per weapon, but that’s okay because you just glory kill/chainsaw for more ammo. You just tap enemies until they flash (which looks ugly imo) then tap the F key for a scripted God of War QTE kill.

Everything about the game is balanced and designed to force you into constantly using the glory kill system, which is boring and terrible. There’s no skill in dodging or positioning because you’re going to get hit anyway. There is no skill in the glory kill system which cancels out the damage from the unavoidable attacks (well, avoidable during the invincibility granted by glory kill animations). Reviews said that this was intentional to keep up a fast paced string of killing, but how is that fun when the killing is just hitting a key for an instant QTE animation? over and over and over again

Where’s mowing down hundreds of enemies and watching them be torn apart by my weapons? It feels like you’re running around with phasers set to stun because the only purpose of GUNS and ROCKETS is to stun enemies for the dumb boring glory kill system. I can’t even get a visceral thrill from it because the stagger flash makes the enemies look like holograms and feels like I’m just shooting holodeck demons instead of slaughtering flesh and blood servants of hell.

Glory kills: Doom :: One unit per tile : Civ

If you only got 10 minutes in then you didn’t unlock the many, many weapons and secondary fire modes that splatter enemies all over the map. Hell, even the shotgun routinely gibs stuff. Also probably didn’t get any ammo capacity upgrades, which multiply the admittedly low caps you start with, real fast.

I might give a game an hour or two to get good if it’s an rpg, but Doom?

I, uhh… hmm. This isn’t a systems problem.

Yeah, you may have played a different game than the one I played, because just soaking up hits and hoping to chain enough health through glory kills to make it through would be a losing strategy in later levels. Positioning and flanking is a must.

Also, you can turn off the glory kill highlight effect.

Ammo upgrades, later weapons, later levels

How long do you have to give this action game before it matures and pays out?