Anyone watching this on Hulu? If you can get past the way it jumps around it time (it would have been better if it was linear) it’s quite good as it dramatizes the rise and spread of opioid abuse, specifically Oxy.

There are several threads running through it, from the boardroom at Purdue Pharma (the actor playing Sackler is even better than Richard Kind) to the DEA and a small mining town (Michael Keaton plays the doctor you wish you had until a certain point about halfway through)

Definitely worth your time.

My wife and I are. We’ve lived in Appalachia for about 20 years now and seeing these scenes really hit close to home.

I’ve been curious about this show since early this year when one of my students had to miss class because he was acting opposite Michael Keaton in a scene on this show. LEGIT ABSENCE. I think it was a scene in a rehab facility.

I want to see it but I’m not sure my rage meter can handle it.

This is my exact issue with these kinds of shows and films.

What’s the consensus so far? Not sure I can get my SO to watch this, but the buzz seems pretty strong.

I like it a lot, for the most part. There’s a totally irrelevant subplot a gay character coming out to her parents and an obviously telegraphed death, but the performances are first rate and Michael Keaton’s arc takes some interesting turns.