DOS Install Problem/Question

I’ve recently tried to install a couple of old DOS games (Spellcross and Fantasy General) on my new computer (running Windows XP), and when I run the install .exe, a DOS window opens for a second, then my monitor clicks over into sleep mode and I have to alt-tab back out. I’ve made shortcuts of the install files and configured them all different way to try and get them to work, but so far no dice.

I’m wondering if the problem is my monitor, a flatscreen jobby that has a minimum resolution of 800 x 600. I assumed that running the programs in a window would get around resolution issues, but maybe not? Anyone have any ideas for me?

That could be it. I would suggest trying to open up a command prompt and running the install from there (instead of just double clicking the file, or a shortcut).

Another route you could go, and would probably alleviate any problems you may have is to use DOSbox, which is pretty much a fully-featured DOS environment to play older games in (note: not all games work).

There’s also a frontend for DOSbox floating around that you can use to make configuring easier.