So, my buddy called me the other night to inform me that he’d discovered a new anime on CartoonNetwork.

It’s called .HACK and is about a group of kids who are playing a MMORPG called “the world”. I did a little digging and also saw that there is a series of PS2 RPG games based on it.

So, sounds kinda interesting. Anybody seen this yet?

I’ve seen a couple of episodes and I like it, mostly because it doesn’t have that incomprehensible “Who is that and what the hell is he/she/it doing” vibe that goes along with, say, a Dragonball Z. The main plot is that one of the players can’t seem to log out of the gameworld for some strange reason.

This is the best info site I’ve found:

It tells how the show (.hack//sign) fits in with the upcoming games as well as some written material.