DOTA 2 Auto Chess: When a strategy game mod goes wild

History repeats itself. Riot games likes the look of that mod…

Because I know and love the champions, I think I might spend quite a bit of time on that one.

So that makes at least 3 in development with Drodo’s version that they announced today with Epic Game Store, and Valve’s version that they announced recently.

Re: mobile version, does anyone understand the ranking system? From what I can tell currently it doesn’t look like you can go down in rank only up.

You can go down, when you do really poorly in a match (which I have, unfortunately, learned from experience). It does look like it goes up much faster than it ever goes down though.

I also think your rank is going to be reset each season. Seems like it’s setup to encourage lots of playtime.

Top 4 counts as a win it seems, and it takes into account who you fight with so if you fought with very high levels you don’t drop as much. Standard MMR I guess.

I think I’ve finished as low as 6th place and received both candy and points towards the next rank level. This was down in the pawn ranks, but still odd that they gave points.

I’ve lost rank once so far, I think I’m somewhere between K8 and B1.

That’s good to know. I need to start playing more.

Kripparian has been playing Dota Underlords on his stream this afternoon. It looks pretty good.

I never play Dota or those kinds of games…but this sounds cool.

Important bits:

  • Limited beta starting for Dota battlepass owners today. (I think they really should have opened it to Artifact owners as a consolation price.)
  • Open beta in a week
  • Will be available on Steam, Android and iOS once it enters open beta.

I’m never entirely sure how to feel about this. I’ve been playing the mobile version of Autochess, and I like supporting the original creator. But, what if one the versions created by others is just substantially better? I only have time for one form of autochess in my life.

Wow, that was fast!

To be fair, the ‘war’ for Auto Chess is already well underway so Valve can’t really sit idle. Drodo’s standalone is now on mobile and getting a shiny new PC version, League wants in on the action, and there’s so many clones on the app stores now.

Sooner they get it out, the sooner they can weigh in on the discussion.

Yeah, but previous speculation was about how long after TI they could have a playable version. This is Valve we’re talking about!

I watched a little bit of an Underlords stream and I don’t quite understand what they’ve done to make the graphics look so bad. The portraits look really low-poly and with low-res textures. The pieces on the board feel like they’ve got the same level of detail as in the autochess mod, but still look way worse. And it looks like they have just a s single model per unit, the graphics don’t change when the unit is upgrade.

The item system looks like an improvement though, and it’s impossible to imagine going back to the UI from the mod.

Yeah, the graphics looks kind of cartoonish or cel shaded. I’ve liked what I’ve seen of the UI changes though.

They made a mobile version of Autochess and just ported it to PC.
They added a “PC interface” yesterday that scaled down some of the worst mobile UI elements and also the cel shading.
Models do change as they level up, just much less so than in the original mod.

In a lot of ways they just took the Auto Chess version from two months ago and made a standalone version for mobile, with PC-centric changes planned for later.
I assume that the upcoming beta phase for Riot’s Auto Chess made Valve accelerate the beta release for Underlords. The beta was released before they officially announced the game even. They simply didn’t have the time for balancing or fine tuning the couple of bigger changes they implemented.

Wow, I think that’s a really basic feature of this new genre. Part of the satisfaction of getting a three star together is how badass they look.

Looks like only three characters have a cosmetic progression at the moment (Axe, Tiny and Doom). At least the Axe one is pretty subtle compared to what Autochess does:

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First TFT footage is available now, I made a thread about it.

I also made one for Underlords which has been in partial beta for a couple of days.

I’m interested in both Underlords and TFT but I have slightly higher hopes for TFT due to it being more PC centric.