Dota 2 made these guys $6 million richer

Title Dota 2 made these guys $6 million richer
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When August 10, 2015

Team Evil Genius has won The International 2015 Dota 2 Championship. The winning prize was $6,630,109.00 out of the $18 million total prize pool. The finals on Saturday came down to team Evil Genius from North America versus CDEC from China in a best of five match-up..

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That sound you hear is millions of unemployed living-with-their-parents twenty-somethings running out of their basements crying "see Mom see, it's a valid career!" in unison.

after taxes and once split up among them, its what 700k a person?

I'm probably in that catagory but I would say the opposite... That is so hard to accomplish and you have to be really talented and really lucky

And yet all the money and trophies in the world can't stop them from looking like a typical group of dorks.

Generally, gamers on pro teams also earn a salary and split the winnings of other tournaments throughout the year. And they're likely to see increases sales on merch and bigger sponsors coming in for the team, which ups their salary / compensation.

Each member of EG probably earned close to 1 million this year, if not more, after taxes.