Dota 2 Reborn - Valve revamps Dota 2

I like how every time I open this thread, there’s a suggestion on an even better way to watch the games! Time bar hiding is a pretty killer feature.

For people who intend to only start watching at the main event, I think OG vs NiP (both games) is the one thing you should definitely watch from the group stage

Secret Alliance game 1 is pretty great too.

Well as in every year I have been really enjoying TI.

Did anyone see OG vs Newbee on Day 2?

The lower bracket series today (Main Event Day 3) were surprisingly great. Team Secret vs. Mineski is a series full of suspense, hit it up.

Still catching up, but yeah, OG v Newbee was quite something. IO/Bristle fountain dive FTW.

We’re getting a repeat of TI8 it appears

Urgh, they’ve switched the noise gating for day 3 back to what it was for a couple of games on day 1. It’s really unpleasant when the distorted and echo-y Chinese announcers from the room mikes are drowning out the English language commentary.

Actually, it might be even worse than on day 1. I might not watch a lot more games if this is how they intend to do the streams for the rest of the tournament.

I’m not watching enough of this thanks to work being super busy but what I gather from my dota group chat is that OG is just on another level this year. Accurate summary so far?

Yah, but they’re not bullet proof, they had one bad game yesterday. Their opponents tomorrow will be their biggest competition, it will be very interesting to see how that goes.

On occasion I have heard this, but with my headphones it is nothing approaching ‘drowning out’, I am not sure if that’s intentional hyperbole or maybe there’s something wrong with your sound settings/equipment?

I’m sure the overall record is fine, but I feel like Gyrocopter has been consistently underwhelming in every game between two quality teams. Flip side, Enchantress in 3 has been a game changer almost every time in the right hands (most recently OG-EG, but also through much of the group stage).

If we get more of today’s quality, the next couple of days should be a lot of fun. Here’s to hoping LGD get blown out tomorrow (…today - if anything, the time zone makes it easier to catch more matches with the fast forward powers, though I’m sure I’ll hate missing the final live).

I’d say OG looks stronger this year then they were last year when they won. Last year they played at the very knifes edge multiple times (very nearly missed upper bracket, only clean series was vs VGJStorm). Ana plays just slightly worse and they would’ve lost the EG, first, and second LGD series.

While this year they have time to do silly stuff (like kill their own teammates on purpose) and still win convincingly.

It was a great TI. It looked like it was going to be a repeat of last year (which is great as last year was so good) but a twist came in late in the comp.

After every TI I wonder if I should start playing DOTA 2 just so I can appreciate the strategy and commentary of TI more…

Do it! I’m about to hop back in. We can suck together.


Yeah, it maybe didn’t make for the most traditionally exciting grand final, but it was still pretty spectacular to seem them just deathballing around the map in games 2 and 3.

So are you following through with your promise, or is it just me?

Lets do this. my Steam name is epicnemesis. Anyone else want to hop on the fail train?

I would but for the lag. Intercontinental DotA is no fun.

Yeah, I wasn’t trying to propose an actual team up unless you happen to live in Australia. Pics of you doing badly will help me feel better though, haha. If you click onto the crystal maiden pic you’ll see my stats for the first match were 1 kill and 8 deaths!

Anyway, I am loving the turbo mode. One of the main reasons I never played DOTA 2 and instead played Heroes of the Storm (back in the day) was that matches were faster, and therefore if you do badly or your teammates do badly it doesn’t take 45 minutes to end the pain. I am finding turbo games usually end around 20-25 minutes, and you still get access to all of the cool toys of your hero.

I have started with Crystal Maiden and it’s going OK, but still shopping around for a good starter hero.

I do intercontinental dota with UK and Nigerian players. It’s the excuse I use for why I can’t last hit.

This game has given me a very mixed experience the last couple of days. Some games are great, alot of fun, helpful teammates, and although I’m the worst of the team I feel like I am contributing and not feeding.

But then you get games where most of the players are admittedly smurfing (i.e. Really experienced players who create a new account to beat up crap players). The enemy team gank me every opportunity and my team start with the abusive voice and text chat. After 45 minutes playing a game like that it just saps all desire to hit play again.

Not sure whether to keep at it or to keep my dota 2 experience for the yearly TI.