Dota Underlords - Valve's Auto Chess

Yeah, it is pretty rare that I get a lvl 2 tier 5, usually if any it is a lvl 1.

I’m hopping into this now if anyone wants to join the small group I am playing with. DantesWitness on Steam if you don’t already know me.

Well it’s good to see that the toxic Dota community has followed right on over to Underlords. I just played someone who had an extremely extremely offensive player name.

I’m glad this game doesn’t have chat.

There’s a new progression thing with cosmetics and more yos.

This update really shows that I’m just a better smarter older? gamer.
I really like Underlords. Much better in fact than TFT which I expected to be more interesting.

This update does nothing for me though. Cosmetics and daily quests to grind are at best a sideways movement for me, if not slightly detrimental.
Yet the game’s reddit and steam forums are aflame with activity and support about how now you actually get something for playing. Because apparently only me and 14 other smart weird people in the world play games for fun.

It talks about showing people how far you progressed, but I thought that was the point of the tiered rank system.

Yeah, I get how you feel. I’m not into this whole battle pass / dailies / whatever either… a lot of it is just busywork IMO that turns games into chores.

It’s around 10 xp a game, and another 250 per daily.
The only cosmetic I’d want is the playfield that seems like a reasonable level 5.

I had dailies for summoning 50 creatures and healing 50,000 damage. Can’t do those both competitively in the same game. That was 2 hours using units I didn’t want to play with & hoping the RNG gave me them. I just alt-tabbed instead between rounds.

Saw an interesting new item though. Lets you turn any critter into a Blood Bound (bonus damage if another dies). Might be worth hanging onto ogres & warlocks!

I know exactly what you mean, but you will learn to love these types of gamers. Underlords is completely free right now because valve know people will pay for cosmetics. As far as I know you won’t get the daily crap in the future unless you buy the battle passes, and people buying them will subsidise your continued enjoyment of the game (through new heroes etc) for free!

I was too hasty. It’s a lot better than that - more xp if you do well. Some of the other dailies, which don’t require playing differently, award 1,000 xp. ~5,000 for that forest playing board next week.

Had to try some Strange Bedfellows with that new Big Time Contract bloodbound item. Terrorblade was melting through everything in one hit. Warlock most of the time instead of the 2nd AM, and a giant win streak from halfway to the end.

The announcement said you could get up from playing the hardcore AI, but that apparently isn’t implemented yet.

From what I’ve heard it should be, but you have to play the game through in one sitting. No pausing, no quitting and resuming.

Ah, I think I had the pause thing set still. I will have to try it without.

Yeah, they’ve added a box to click that says play proto pass when you select solo/bots. I just played a round and got the xp for it, plus completing a challenge.

Nothing wrong with cosmetics - it represents one of the few rays of sunshine in the free-to-play economy. I’ve always appreciated the idea of tricking out my avatar or public-facing representations with shiny things. Not enough to spend much money on it, but I get it.

The original Auto Chess game has had this for ages though (and they have free goodies, and then premium goodies via the pass), so to be honest all Valve are doing are copying how the rest of the Auto Chess games are handling that side of things.

It’s weird - I’ve been trying a lot of games on across mobile and PC and so far, bar like one I think, they’re mostly all the same with just different names and character models for starting line-up of pieces. Even the strats are basically the same.

I’m almost at the point where I want to see someone going off the path with an Auto Chess-take, see something genuinely unique.

Huge balance update :

Mostly looks really good, and may just remove the mid-to-late game pain where literally every team is looking for the same OP heroes.

God help any team going up against a troll warlord or slark with that new mask of madness.

Mob rounds now look like they’ll be more interesting and challenging.

Holy carp, that’s a lot to read through! Enjoying the game, and I see the rationale behind a lot of these changes.

Another huge update

The ranked changes looking interesting:

Plus some of the heroes are getting a visual update
Arc Warden


Dragon Knight

Drow Ranger






Templar Assassin






Phantom Assassin

Queen of Pain




Putting those dota hats to good use I see

Alliance items are much rarer. Games should be “fairer” with the free reroll losers get.

Wow thats alot of changes, and they’re starting to play around with the core tenets of the genre, I love it! The best example is that now two players fight each other during the round and both players view the same fight. It makes alot more sense than the original mod, which was probably only made that way due to technical limitations. Will also make it easier to explain it to new people.