Dota Underlords - Valve's Auto Chess

Do you mean a 2+ star kunkka? If not, you must have played a crazy 3 game sample. On a conceptual level I can’t see how having 2 or more would be good, nor have I seen people win with that yet.

If you are able to get a 2* kunk you play it, but playing a 1 star in the late game is a bad move (a good opponent will be able to kill him before he gets the boat off). So unless you happen to have 2 2* kunks I doubt playing 2 or more could be competitive.
On the larger point about balance, I agree it will improve over time. I think overall the balance is pretty good, and not notably worse than the original mod (if anything it’s better). You might need to keep at it to see that.

PS - there are two hard counters to the boat: kill the kunka quickly, or better yet space out your teams position in the late game so that the boat is very limited in how many guys it can knock down.

What is “TFT?”

Team Fight Tactics. Riot’s version.

I like the game, but I think I won’t have the time to get decent at it.
It’s like a deck builder game, but every card is complicated and comparisons are hard, so you better do your homework.

Trying to imagine being able to fully understand this sentence gives me the same kind of headache I had trying to read Accelerando.

There are numerous AOE stun/disable/damage heroes, and they are all really powerful late game, especially with the item that instantly refreshes your cooldown once per match. My current team has the boat AOE, the chicken, the 9 bounce stun, and the medusa stone/freeze. There are also various items that can put on heroes that give them a chance to stun, a hammer with a 25% chance for instance. If you put that on a fast attacking hero it’s also pretty devastating.

DPS happens so fast in this game, especially in later rounds, that any kind of disable becomes very powerful.

If you want to see something really funny, put a 2 star or higher medusa out front by herself, with the rest of the team behind, with the retaliation item. She chunks the entire team, and then freezes them in place before she dies. By doing this, you allow the rest of your CC to get rolling as well. I finished a lot of end game fights last night will all of my heroes alive.

They’ve already adjusted down the length of stun the ship does, I’m sure all of the disables will get toned down. Hell, the chicken debuff is…8 seconds at 3 star? You can kill an entire team in 8 seconds.

Current team and bonuses!!! I love this comp.

It might have been only two of the three games that had players with 2 separate 2 star Kunkas, and one game with only a single one. But I can guarantee you that the winner of all 3 matches had a Kunka in their team, every time.

If you can wrangle a 2 star version of Kunka, Tidehunter and Keeper of Light, the rest of your team composition seems almost totally irrelevant as long as it includes 2 warlocks to keep them alive long enough to cast their ults.

I’ve seen some good 6 mage strats and 6 human strats (which can also be a 6 mage strat), but both of those compositions would benefit more from a Kunka and a Tidewalker than any other heroes in the game. Medusa is probably in the group too, because Scaled is so powerful in the endgame, and you are gonna build towards Tidehunter.

Anyways, I think the AoE stuns need some tuning down. The single target ones like Shadow Shaman seem fine to me.

I think they probably will be. The other way to approach it would be to make defense a little more important. At this point in the game, you can pretty much brute force your way through anything with enough DPS, hence why the 4 troll comp is so good, it’s just ridiculous giving your entire team attack speed. They could add a modifier to tankier classes…that you took less damage when stunned maybe, wouldn’t even have to be much, 10%, 20%, 30% depending on how many in group?

The one problem with toning down stuns, is that it makes DPS even more in the drivers seat. Defensive classes give up a lot of DPS, for defense that doesn’t generally balance that out. When you tone down stuns, you’re also toning down stuns on those WTFBBQ dps classes. When I go 4 troll and heavy DPS, if the other side doesn’t have stuns, I can wipe a team in under 10 seconds.

It will be interesting to see what changes they make, as I’m sure they are able to track win rates of various comps and heroes etc, fun stuff.

I made it to Boss II ranking yesterday, before falling down to Boss I after some experiments. (Presumably my MMR is now lower than that, but the displayed rating never drops below the lowest level of the highest title you’ve achieved.)

Specifically, I tried to make Strange Bedfellows work since I was getting it so often as a first pick. Three separate times I even got (and picked it) twice in the first three rounds. This is the item that gives Demon Hunters +30% pure damage for each type of Demon you have. So the basic composition is the two Demon Hunters and, the four other Demons, which should theoretically have given Anti Mage +300% damage, Terror Blade +350%, and all the other Demons +50%. Often this’ll mean running two copies of a two-star AM or TB, since given those bonuses they should still be better than whatever filler you put in the lineup (Kunkka/Tide for the utility, a good Warlock for the synergy with SF; preferably Enigma).

And it never worked, even when I got all the important units at 2/3 stars and two copies of Strange Bedfellows. Some top 3 finishes, but no wins.

The one thing I didn’t try was running a Crystal Maiden in there, just to pop the TB’s off earlier. It seems like a bit of a waste since it gives no synergies, but on the other hand Crystal Maiden is the best unit in the game so maybe it should work here too.

Alright, I can officially beat challenging now. I am perhaps no longer a Dumb, although I am definitely still a Bad.

After a number of more matches I can say two things; this game developed a meta awfully quickly, and I want to meet the boy genius who decided 5 gold should purchase 4 EXP, just to gaze upon the face of the world’s biggest troll.

I had to uninstall this. Too addictive.

Last match I won. We had around ~10 rounds after this rearranging our armies. Only won when I could take out their Tide before he ravaged.

Anyone playing on mobile?

How do you click on the hero skill icons to determine what they do?

Hmm, on PC those buttons just show alliances, not abilities. Have you tried the book button in the upper left?

That’s exactly how autochess worked lategame. Lategame, AOE and CC are king.

This whole “builds” thing is weird, you don’t play builds, you play what the RNG gives you. You don’t sit down at a poker table and say “i’m gonna go for full houses this game.”

Early game any upgraded unit is better than any synergy.

Go to first tab on the right, the one that shows which synergies are on. Then click on the synergy itself.

Not sure how you do it from shop.

Ok so those are synergies.

There’s a lot going on here, probably more than I care to handle. It feels like I need to learn what every unit is and does in order to play. Playing vs the AI I lose like > 50% past round 5 even on the easiest AI settings, and past about round 12 I can’t even beat the creeps. But all I can see are pictures and icons, so I can’t really make informed decisions.

So what’s the game flow?

Am I supposed to keep hitting refresh on the hero selection screen until I get high level heroes? By round 15 I have piles of gold and nothing to spend it on.

How do you level heroes? I’ve never had one level up yet. How can you see XP gained, or XP to next level? Should you level heroes rather than switch them out? Do you get XP if you loses round or if the hero dies? Is XP gained per hero or per team?

I too think there needs to be more accessible information in the buying screen… but then that information is readily available once you’re back on the main screen, so can just learn as you go and try to retain the information. Once you have a piece with specific Alliances/Synergies, it’s easy to look up what that synergy does and how many pieces per tier you need - as people have sad, tab on the right hand side of the screen.

You can also click on the book icon on the left hand side of the buy screen I think that will take you to the information. It’s not ideal, but once you know what you’re looking for it’s not hard to find out what you need.

Nice. I have to say that I never got into that kind of commanding lead with a Demon strategy. Was the 4*Warlock really worth it? I would have been really tempted to drop the Necro and WD in exchange for Medusa and Tide.