Dota Underlords - Valve's Auto Chess

Too many times I’ve told myself “yeah I’m gonna go 4 trolls this time” and then you find yourself dead dead dead before you even get your first troll warlord. Maybe it’s not as horrible in this game, but in autochess the other 3 trolls were trash.

I really liked the Druid synergy in Auto Chess but I think it’s rubbish in Underlords.

It’s of course always possible. But it’s not going to be efficient, and efficiency in building a good enough team composition is what wins games.

It’s a bit more viable in Underlords than DAC due to the global items. Some of those effects are strong enough that they make up for the losses from the tunnel-vision. And it’s more viable if the build consists of unpopular units.

They play a very different role in Underlords.

Video incoming lol.

I think Druids are very solid up through the mid to late game but just fall apart at the end.

My concern is chiefly that I cannot think of any scenario that I wouldn’t draft every Kunka I drew. Regardless of the rest of my team composition, or what my opponent is drafting. Keeper and Tidehunter are close, but I can actually foresee several niche scenarios where I would not take them.

But if you fundamentally think this game should be like Poker, where Aces (or Kunkas in this case) always beats any other card, I guess we just disagree on what makes these kind of games interesting to us. It’s like playing a Magic the Gathering draft with a Black Lotus in the box. Outside of the novelty, what is the point? Everyone will take it the moment they see it. It isn’t a choice, it’s just luck.

I don’t disagree, Kunka, tidehunter, all that AOE is the right answer most of the time.

Well… Some units won’t manage to pop their ult at level 1 before they die. Like the orc storm dude.

Here you go, in depth of the whys and hows of this particular strat if you’re interested. Only game I played today, but they are all more or less always the same flow.

Troll Rope A Dope DOTA

Does anyone know if the higher difficulty AIs cheat, or do they simply access different build strategies?

Is it still fun when you’re trying to go for a certain build? I enjoy the randomness.

Necro wasn’t my first choice, but it was the best the RNG gave me. The 30% lifesteal synergy & extra heals on the front line worked out really well that game.

He’s not that good, but he certainly looks like he is watching the fights. I wouldn’t put him out unless he’s 2* for a bigger stun.

From what I can tell they play smarter, but I don’t know if they cheat at all. Challenging level puts up a good fight for me, and while I routinely win or finish in the top 3 I also have rounds where I don’t do that well.

Even if you don’t think a 1 star Kunka is worth fielding (even late game I suspect he probably is with a Heart of the Tarrasque or something, but I can see it being a real argument to make), he’s still worth drafting and benching to both deny others from building up theirs and to hold out for when other players are eliminated and new copies open up in the rotation.

There shouldn’t be a hero I draft every time regardless of current game state. To me there is. I admit there is a possibility I am completely clueless. Perhaps a new strategy will emerge that has yet to be seen to be believed. But I think drafting every Kunka you see is probably the correct move >99% of the time. And that’s just poor balance, really. They rushed this thing to market I wasn’t expecting perfection on the first public release build.

To be fair to them, he is pretty much the same in the mod.

I suspect I would have considered it poor design there as well, had I played it.

Eh, there are so many AOE powers that are at least as good. Alchemist has a 35 per tic dot that covers 9 squares, and reduces armor to boot. Enigma does 9% total health per second in a 12 square for 10 seconds lol…that’s so much more powerful than kunka it’s laughable. Lich has an orb that bounces 12 times, slows attack rate by 65% AND does 400 damage…that’s not even in the same stratosphere as kunka. Tidehunter, 12 squares, 3 second stun, 350 damage to all enemies.

I really believe people focus on kunka, because it has that giant boat graphic, and it’s the easiest to spot when it’s happening. Meanwhile, these other heroes are ganking you for twice the damage, and twice the stun length lol.

The only thing they really need to do to him, is maybe increase the cooldown, he becomes more problematic if you have the reduce cooldown by 50% trinket on him. From a damage/stun standpoint, he’s just a weaker Tidehunter. If you put the instant refresh ability trinket on Tidehunter, that is truly an iWin button, kunkka is a close 3rd to that maybe.

I think CC in general could be toned down in the game, as DPS happens so fast, being out of action, especially AOE, is a bit too powerful. I just don’t think Kunkka is really that much out of line with the other AOE stun/damage heroes.

I get your point, and why it bugs you, but it’s a bigger problem than just that one hero.

I’m definitely not trying to argue that AoE in general isn’t too powerful. But the stuns are more problematic in general than the damage (outside of Keeper), cause the damage ults won’t get cast if they are stunned.

I figured I would try the hardcore AI once to see how bad it is, and I actually won. Almost seemed easier than most challenging rounds. Started out warriors and druids, then added shadow fiend and trolls. Rounded it out with tide hunter, enigma, and kunkka and stomped them pretty well.

Is there are way to get a 3 star level 5 hero? It just doesn’t seem possible at that point in the game.

If it goes on long enough. I had 2 2 star tide hunters and enigmas. My last opponent also had a tide hunter so possibly not in that case.

Most games end by round 35, so it’s pretty tough to complete 3 stars on a 5, especially if you’re unlocking 10 slots for your heroes, as that takes quite a bit of gold. You’re usually lucky to get a 5 to 2 stars.