Double Fine shows how a let's play should be done

Title Double Fine shows how a let's play should be done
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When December 23, 2014 For your Let's Plays, you don't have to settle for hipsters who are no good at the game cutting wise for an hour. Or some cynical YouTube personality with an accent and an absurd pseudonym..

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Thanks, Tom, those look interesting.
Merry Christmas and best of health.

Hey cool! I'm a sucker for a good let's play and, despite the way internet winds seem to be blowing, still a big fan of Double Fine.

Absolutely amazing. So much amazing information. I really want to try and be more informative with my future Let's Plays.

That was very interesting!

Every single one of these scheduled episodes sounds awesome as well. They've all day one viewing for me.

John Romero did a lets play of Doom's first episode for IGN. It's pretty interesting.

Although if there isn't enough interest in the first one they'll just wrap the series up at a single episode and say that it's complete.

I have zero interest in platformers yet I found this fascinating. Imma watch every one!

This time they've learned their lesson - if no one's watching and no money can be made from it, they'll devote all the rest of the money from the company to continue to develop them until the studio goes under. Apparently that's what the community wants.

> Because Double Fine has launched a new series
Great. At least this shows that even if they cant MAKE a good game - they can surely PLAY one.
Although, i guess, anyone can, you know, play a game, and have someone interesting next to you spew interesting facts...

So, based on Double Fine's recent performances, we can expect less than half the promised episodes, and they won't all be watchable. And then Double Fine will claim the series was completed.

I always expect great things from Double Fine, but I would leave them alone in a room with my good silver.

Only if they've found a way to get paid in advance again. Either way Double Fine's lasting legacy should be their name being used as a epithet for deserving swindlers..